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CPJ College

Soumya Jain, a student at Chanderprabhu Jain College, Narela Delhi has written this first-hand review of her college.


Chanderprabhu Jain College of Higher Studies and School of Law was established under the patronage of the Rishi Aurobindo educational society in 2007.

CPJ college is affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. It is recognized by the government of NCT of Delhi and approved by the Bar Council of India. CPJ college offers various undergraduate courses in management: BBA(G), BBA-CAM, B.COM(H), IT(BCA). It also offers legal educational courses BBA LLB (H) and BALLB(H) and also postgraduate courses in law- LLM.


CPJ college campus has a tall building. The campus has an optimistic aura with safety and learning opportunities for its students.

The garden, recreation rooms, playground, canteen area, café coffee day, libraries, multipurpose hall, auditorium, and well-furnished classrooms.

Though in my initial days in campus, I took the playground to be of trivial length, I later realized how systematically it could be used during the glorious winter fest organized by the college.

The campus may look boring but in actuality, it feels relishing to sit in the sunlight during winter and to roam around the campus with friends during lectures.

The most likable quality of our college is that the campus is 24*7 tidy and immaculate.

Also, the college ensures discipline as once entered the campus, students have to stay inside the campus till 1 pm after which they are allowed to leave the campus premises. Thus, the administration ensures that students remain in college for a considerable time.

The academic experience in college is great as I really admired a few professors, who took our lectures with zeal and motivated us to study law with passion.


The faculty at the college varies between highly passionate professors to hardly concerned lecturers.

Many professors entered the class on time, kept track of students’ interactions and performance, provided brief notes, and clarified doubts on time. 

Many of them interacted with us on a personal basis to listen to our personal issues and provide guidance.

On the other hand, few professors were hardly aware of students waiting for them in class. They were least bothered to teach and to interact with us. When other classes were studying, we wished our teachers were also present in class.


CPJ is situated in a lush green area, with multipurpose halls, computer labs, libraries, and spacious classrooms. Libraries are well-stocked with numerous books, academic as well as non-academic. The law library is fully air-conditioned and it has various law journals, judiciary preparation books for judiciary aspirants, and law magazines. 

The law students are provided with a moot courtroom to enable them to get well-versed in mooting skills and to learn to draft and present a case. Moreover, The college annually organizes an Intra college moot court competition. 

The college also timely organizes many educational trips for holistic development for students like Red Fort, Tihar Jail, Rohini Court, coca-cola, and Yakult.

There is a cultural committee set up in college, with the task to organise cultural competitions. There is a literary club, fine arts club, NSS and eco club, dance club, dramatics club, and fashion club. Students are excited to showcase their talents via street dance competitions, photography competitions, essay–writing competitions, and debate competitions. 

For instance, CPJ organizes MARKETECH ( national management and IT fest) and students take part in numerous competitive events such as Gamer’s den, wall painting, Marketshetra, Hustle2.0, Mr. and Ms. coder, mobile photography, etc.

On a regular basis, webinars are held both online and offline to help law students develop a wholesome understanding of the legal field and how can they make a stable career.


Besides daily studies, the college conducts various online value-added courses for law students.

Judgment writing competitions and moot court competitions are organized.

The college also has an internship cell to help students join law internships and draw a suitable career in law.

Recently, there was a legal services camp held in college to provide free legal aid to the people.


CPJ also has a placement cell inviting the leading corporate brands to come to the campus for conducting internship/placement drives for students to start their professional careers.

Top recruiters include Diwan Advocates, Kanika Bhardwaj Law firm, Rem Juris, Lex Juris, etc.


Student life is overall good if you visit the campus on a regular basis.

There are multiple opportunities for students to grow and learn while having space for fun and frolic in campus.


There are always two sides to a coin. If you look at the bad side, you find loopholes everywhere. But, good points should also be appreciated.

The campus is no doubt, beautiful and likable, and the faculty is great, but the administration needs to be more disciplined as often I have seen loopholes in the efficiency of the administrative staff. 

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