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Lakshmi Narain College of Technology University- Review


Nitya Khare, a second-year student at Lakshmi Narain College of Technology University, Bhopal has written this first-hand review of his college.


Lakshmi Narain College of Technology University is one of the best private colleges in Central India, located in Bhopal – the city of lakes and capital of Madhya Pradesh.

The LNCTU was established in 2015 by the LNCT Group Of Colleges. LNCTU is synonymous with excellence in higher education. It is indeed a premier institution providing courses in Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Medical, Law, and other professional studies.

LNU’s vision is to promote, conceptualize and create a paradigm shift through the development of outstanding leadership, research, knowledge, and ideas for education and allied development sectors through the JEE, NEET, and Merit-based depending on the course you are going to opt.

The University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In 2018 LNCTU was approved by the BAR COUNCIL OF INDIA(BCA) for the School of Legal Studies offering programs like BALLB, BBA LLB, LLB, LLM, and Ph.D. 

After the pandemic, the college has maintained its pace of development, opportunities for students, and flow of study. Introducing several things which help in the personality development and communication skills of a student get enhanced. 


The campus is spread over more than 50 acres of lush greenery. Every department has its own major building, consisting of its own labs, grounds, courts, and auditoriums. Clean and big rooms with a projector also there is one main library known as a CENTRAL LIBRARY where one can go and study any time whereas departments have got its own library like for law it is full of journals, magazines, books, and newspapers. They also provide you with precedents and other materials.

LNU is well known for the conduct of sports. Moreover, They consider sports as a very essential physical activity that helps in the development of human personality and makes them learn about teamwork, discipline, practice

Lakshmi Narain University is a place where students come from far away and different states even a few from abroad. There are 4 girls’ hostels and 2 boys’ hostels for undergraduate and separate hostels for post-graduate. For those who come for training or intern for them also there is also a hostel. A residential area for teaching and non-teaching staff. The hostel facilities include good food, laundry, room cleaning, geyser, etc.

 Despite these facilities, students get medical facilities and also discount on check-ups and medicines with student id card. 24*7 availability of ambulance in an emergency. There is ANTI–RAGGING CELL in case anyone is bullied or harassed it is strictly prohibited.



The annual fee for B.A.LLB. (Hons.) is approx. 40 thousand, when divided into per semester wise which is 20 thousand. But for BBA LLB it is different, it is 15 thousand per semester which means 30 thousand annual fees.


   The university recruits the best talented, experienced, and good academicians with efficient teaching skills also research skills when it comes to the faculty of the student. Director to whom students can interact directly if they have an emergency.


The curriculum of law university is of five-year integrated course consisting of 10 semesters; Having subjects like Indian Penal Code, Administrative Law, Law of Evidence, Code of Civil Procedure, Code of Criminal Procedure.


As I mentioned above LNU’s (Law Department) is well facilitated with ground, library, moot court, auditorium, etc. Furthermore, LNU is at the forefront in Inter college competitions karate competitions, football competitions cricket match competitions. The aim is always to enhance the skills of students. The NSS and NCC are also there which help to shape, nourish and polish them.

I also mentioned that students get very good medical facilities during the pandemic hostellers were treated and taken care of by the authority free of cost 


The Placement Cell of the university looks after the placement of departments.  They also offer different workshops, guest lectures, and conferences. The internship program is highly commendable as they look themselves for the student and recommend. They also collaborate with law firms.


College life is said to be the most amazing life of a student. Certainly, Here at LNCT UNIVERSITY student is going to have their best time with several competition, seminars, trip, monthly activities, and the most awaited part fest. Student gets overall personality development and enhanced communication skill. 


LNU’s senior junior culture is all about family. They motivate and cheer them up and are always there to guide them. They also remind time to time to be in discipline, mannered, and give respect.


It is overall a very good college reason being it’s developing and also newly opened at a very decent fee. A lot of things are yet in the way and progress. Honestly, if I would have to rate I will give it 3.5/5.

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