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Must read: Breasts are just a biological bump on flesh. Today, In our society a woman's breast is seen as if it's not her own but belongs to society. Time and again they are reminded to carry it properly. . Traditionally, You probably have seen that India as a country cared less about woman's body parts. Whether we look into "Khajurao" Village and it's temples or Ajanta or Ellora caves and many more ancient architecture, everything is evident. . The attack on women's body parts by any kind of moral policing groups need to read Indian scriptures and historical books about India and it's culture. They would get shocked. . For us we never had the concept of "BRA" "BLOUSE" etc. That is the reason we never had a Hindi or Sanskrit name for these garments. . Our woman's were never ashamed of their body. We were the land of yoga, the union. . However, The culture which believed that if woman's are not covering their upper body part, they are nude and immoral came with Early foreigners, Mughals and English. . Body should feel comfortable, not clung or roped all the time. . If Covid-19 has been any fair in any regard to women, it's being at home they don't need to worry about their Bra. . #woman #lawschool #loksabha #kerala #rajyasabha #likeforlikes #indianarmy #loveforarmy #upsc #pcsj #clat2020 #clat #judiciary #lawyer #lawyers #livelaw #lawoctopus #lawmeme #memeaocietynlu #advocate #supremecourt #pcs #hindu #muslim #lawupdates #pcsjupdates #judge #love #life

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