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BDS School of Law, Meerut- Review

Shivani Louhana third-year student at BDS School of Law, Meerut has written this first-hand review of his college.


BDS School of Law is affiliated to CCS University Meerut. It is one of the emerging colleges of Meerut in the law. In this article, I’m going to review different aspects of the college like fee structure, infrastructure, faculty, extracurricular activities, junior-senior culture etc. So, let’s explore them one by one.


The college has big corridors, spacious classrooms with a library which is accessible for students at ease, and a big moot hall for the moot courts. As infrastructure is one of the things students keep in mind while choosing their college, BDS School of Law has everything which students need
while pursuing their law as a career.


The Faculty of the college plays a very crucial role in the quality of education and in compliance with that BDS School of Law has qualified teachers who enhance the status of education in the college. In addition to that teachers are very helpful and supportive towards the students.
They are approachable to students so that students can discuss their issues and seek guidance from the faculty.

Fee Structure

BDS School of Law offers quality education at a nominal price which is affordable to every class of society and there are even scholarship programmes for the students. The fee structure is transparent and there are no hidden expenses which are added.


BDS School of Law organises many competitions which can add value to our law career, competitions like debate competitions, writing competitions, case-study, extempore, moot courts etc. Along with that frequent visits to places like jail, district courts, Supreme Court and even
parliament visits are organised for the students. To enhance the knowledge of the children, regular seminars, and legal aid camps are organised and a lot of other activities take place on a regular basis.

Placement Cell

As placements are a crucial aspect of college life as it starts a new phase of life, BDS School of Law provides many opportunities which can add value to your placement and also provide opportunities for internships in the practical field of the law.

Student Life

Student life in college is very exciting and joyful, BDS School of Law organise sports meets, fests and other cultural events to give students a platform where they can showcase their platform. The college organises social events for the students.

Senior-Junior Culture

This aspect is a very crucial part of every college and concern for the students. BDS School of Law has a very friendly culture between the juniors and seniors. Seniors are very helpful towards their juniors and act as good mentors for their juniors.


Thus we can conclude that the BDS School of Law has almost everything students need in their college. They have a learned and supportive faculty, and the culture in college is very good and full of opportunities. College is affordable to people who want quality education in their budget.


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