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Yeshwant Law College Wardha- Review


Ankita Lode, a final-year student at Yeshwant Law College, Wardha has written this first-hand review of her college.


As we all know college is a pivotal time in a student’s life, where they embark on a journey towards achieving their career goals. It is essential to choose a college that aligns with their ambitions and offers quality education.

In this article, I will review various aspects of the college where I am studying i.e. Yeshwant Law College Wardha, including its infrastructure, faculty, fee structure, curriculum, facilities, placements, student life, senior-junior culture, etc.

Though Yeshwant Law College is located in a remote place in Wardha. It is the best place to study law for all the students who are looking for a college with affordable fees, unlike all the private colleges with hefty fee structures. The college provides both three years degree program as well as five years degree program. It is affiliated to Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University and accredited with a B++ grade by NAAC.


Firstly, the infrastructure of a college plays a significant role in shaping a student’s experience. Yeshwant Law College has modern infrastructure, spacious classrooms, and state-of-the-art laboratories creating an environment conducive to learning, also has a well-maintained library, sports facilities, and a student-friendly campus.


Secondly, the faculty of a college is crucial in imparting education. Yeshwant Law College has experienced and knowledgeable professors who can help students gain the necessary skills to succeed in their careers. Professors at this college offer mentorship, guidance, and support to students all throughout their academic journey.


Thirdly, the fee structure of a college is another essential factor that needs to be considered while choosing a college. Yeshwant Law College has an affordable fee structure and offers various scholarship programs for deserving students. The fee structure is transparent, with no hidden costs.


Fourthly, the curriculum of a college should be relevant and updated with the current industry trends. Although it is affiliated to RTMNU University, the curriculum at Yeshwant Law College is designed to equip students with practical skills and knowledge, which are necessary for their future careers. Their curriculum also offers flexibility to students to choose their electives and tailor their education according to their interests.


Fifthly, the facilities provided by a college can significantly impact a student’s life. Yeshwant Law College has facilities like transportation modes such as the college bus, internet connectivity, gym, and recreational activities such as music classes, etc.


Sixthly, placements are a critical aspect of a student’s life, and a college should have a good placement record. Yeshwant Law College has tie-ups with leading companies like TCS, and they should conduct placement drives regularly. The college also provides internship opportunities, which help students gain practical experience and exposure.


Seventhly, student life in college should be fulfilling and enjoyable. Yeshwant Law College organizes various cultural and sports events, which have helped students showcase their talents and skills and it also has various clubs and societies, where students can pursue their interests and hobbies.


Eighthly, senior-junior culture plays a crucial role in shaping a student’s experience in college. Yeshwant Law College provides an atmosphere for a healthy senior-junior relationship, where senior mates guide and mentor juniors which help juniors to adjust to the college environment and provides them with a sense of belongingness.


In conclusion, choosing the right college is essential for a student’s academic and professional success, and although a college with modern infrastructure, experienced faculty, affordable fee structure, relevant curriculum, and good facilities can significantly impact a student’s life, even though my college is not that parred on these parameters as compared to other law colleges it has all the essentials needed and also it is constantly striving to improve. Based on the above parameters, I rate my college on a scale of 1 to 10 as 8 out of 10.
For all those students who are from remote places, who cannot afford to study at expensive private colleges, this is the best college as it is a semi-government college with an affordable fee structure and located just beside the district and sessions court Wardha and thus it provides an easy option to do an internship during the college years which is a very essential aspect of a law students life to gain practical knowledge of things in the profession and it has been a prestigious college for more than 20 years.

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Disclaimer: This review provides a first-hand account of law collegeIt is part of our dedicated segment of law college reviews, written by students of the same college to give prospective law students valuable insights about the institution. Before making any decisions about enrollment, we recommend that you verify the information provided in this review.


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