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Christ University, Bangalore- Review

Manav Sonejia first-year student at Christ University, Bangalore has written this first-hand review of his college.


Christ (deemed to be) University is a pioneer in the holistic development of students. It was founded in 1969 under the vision of the educationist, St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara. Since then, it has constantly evolved, broadening its horizon with the provision of a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. These levels offer a total of 136 courses. Christ University offers 1 diploma course, 61 undergraduate courses, 54 graduate courses, and 20 doctoral courses. The university has constantly scaled through each year’s NIRF rankings. The university ranks 67 overall among the top universities in India, 13th in Law, 60th in Management in NIRF, and 1st for BCA by India Today and Outlook in 2023. Although a Catholic Church manages the college, it is secular in its outlook on providing opportunities to students from all backgrounds. 

The law department at Christ University has risen through the ranks of the top law schools in India. School of Law, Christ University offers a range of programs to equip budding lawyers with the dynamic field of law. The Undergraduate program consists of BALLB and BBA LLB; the post-graduate program includes a master’s in Corporate & Commercial Law, Constitutional & Administrative Law, and Intellectual Property and Trade Law; and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Law

Let us further explore the institution through multiple parameters.


  1. School of Law is within the acre campus of Christ (deemed to be) University, Bangalore. The University boasts 5 main auditoriums with seating capacities of approximately 7000 people, 10 mini auditoriums, and 2 majestic amphitheatres. 
  2. The campus is home to multiple green rooms, audio-visual studios, music, choir, and dance rooms to accommodate all the budding artists and nurture them with the independence and space they need to spread their wings. 
  3. The Main Library is the pride of the university. Spread across 4 floors, the library consists of close to 3000 books and is connected to Knimbus. This open-source depository provides access to a range of exclusive journals and information portals like Taylor and Francis, Hein Online, SCC Online, etc. Accompanied by another library, they can accommodate all the bright young minds on the campus with ease. The academic sphere is complimented by the vast resources for sports in the form of basketball courts, cricket nets, kho-kho, football and kabaddi nets, tennis courts and a hockey field.
  4. The campus includes 7 main blocks which are split according to departments. The School is a part of the Central block. It consists of Christ’s renowned Moot Court Hall, a legal aid cell, and the Recruitment Committee.  


      The Faculty at the School of Law, are experienced professors, each with expertise in specific fields of law ranging from Intellectual Property, Criminal to International laws. They have efficient teaching skills and research skills which translate into well-read students and individuals. The faculty encourages articles and publications and often mentors students and guides them toward a successful publication

      Fee Structure

      1. For the first three years, the fees remained constant, with Karnataka students paying 255,000 INR, students from other Indian states paying 275,000 INR, and NRIs paying 385,000 INR annually. 
      2. In the fourth year, the fees increased for all categories, with Karnataka students paying 275,000 INR, other Indian states’ students paying 295,000 INR, and NRIs paying 410,000 INR. This fee structure continued into the fifth year, maintaining the rates set in the fourth
      3.  year for each category.


          The curriculum is richly interspersed with experiences of village visits for legal aid camps, Lok Adalat, internships, and prison visits. For promoting interaction between students and legal professionals, seminars, guest lectures, and workshops are conducted on various subjects of law regularly. The program provides a strong base for varied career opportunities in legal practice, judiciary, & policy.


            The placement cell at Christ University takes care of all student placement queries. It supports both students and companies in finding the right match. The cell ensures that placements maintain the university’s legacy by carefully selecting organizations, rather than placing students just anywhere, and remains impartial towards all groups.

            Student Life

            1. As a law student at Christ University, life is a mix of hard work and great experiences. The classes are hectic with much focus needed and hence they have many discussions that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Not everything is about studying.
            2. There are so many other things to do outside class. Legal professionals come and share experiences through workshops, seminars, or guest lectures by the university. The moot court society is vibrant and participation in moots is an excellent opportunity to improve your skills. Also, there are legal aid cells that provide practical experience as well as assistance for the community.
            3. Campus life is full of activity throughout the year. Cultural fests, sports, and social gatherings take place continuously to give you relief from studies. The library has enough books on law which makes it amicable for reading while the campus facilities available are first-class ones.
            4. In conclusion, being a law student at Christ University involves managing difficult academics alongside an active college life; making it both an educational and entertaining journey.

              Senior-Junior Culture

              1. One of the best things about the School of Law is its senior-junior culture, which is very inclusive. The seniors help guide, encourage, and support juniors through both good and challenging times. Seniors at the School of Law offer guidance in achieving laurels. Not only during competitions but also during normal college life, the seniors are always ready to help the juniors in whatever way they can. 
              2. Whether it’s for mooting or partying, the seniors at the School of Law are like gems, providing a camaraderie that enhances the overall college experience.


                SLCU is a balanced ground in nurturing and developing individual interests- corporate, societal, art & culture, and sports. From establishing NGOs, and social-benefit organizations to acing at international and national moot court competitions, trial advocacy, debates, Model United Nations, sports tournaments, and cultural festivals; our students are endowed with varied experiences. The alumni include a mixed pool of judges, corporate lawyers, legal practitioners, academicians, policy researchers, Members of the Legislature, civil servants, and authors working within and beyond the bounds of this country. 


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                Authored by Manav Jiten Soneji
                ( May Intern)

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