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Symbiosis Law School, Noida- Review

Rudrakshi Sharma, a second-year student at Symbiosis Law School, Noida has written this first-hand review of her college.


The Symbiosis Law School Noida was established under Symbiosis International (Deemed) University, Pune in the year 2010. My first semester was during the unfortunate time of the Covid pandemic and thus the college provided us the option of Hybrid mode. This means the campus was functioning on a restricted number of people. The rest were able to attend all the events online. From my second semester, the campus started at its full potential. The experience has been a roller ride. However, the college had different departments to help in certain respective areas. The professors were understanding of the habits we developed during the lockdown period and helped us resume full-fledged working as law students.


The faculty at Symbiosis Law School, Noida, from the start, has been very understanding, experienced, and knowledgeable. They all were very different and had different ideas for making the concepts clear to us. All the teachers are experienced in their field and available at all levels to the students. Most of them have either completed their Ph.D. or are pursuing them at the present time. However, they share their learnings on a daily basis no matter whether it is part of the syllabus or not.

They are available even after college hours which usually end at 2p,m and they stay back till 5 pm mostly. They work around the clock and help us get better every day. Once you get to know them and are comfortable with their teaching techniques you can also ask for their guidance regarding things such as research papers and internship ideas. They use different teaching methods some use the power point presentations while others rely on books and old-school techniques like note-making. There are some who rely on articles published in eminent places and class discussions to explain the concepts and raise ideas for research and legal reading and interpreting.


One can find the detailed curriculum on the official site of the college. The curriculum is well structured including various important subjects. Each semester there is a defined teaching plan provided to the learners. The faculty as well as the learners stick by it. The curriculum included descriptive headings in which you can see how it covers various important topics. Most of the BA subjects are covered by two years of your integrated course. This included subjects like sociology, history, political science, economics, and international relations. These subjects will be taught by highlighting their connections with the legal industry. In these years subjects like contract law, tort law, jurisprudence, family law, and constitutional law will also be covered. Rest subjects such as administrative law and interpretation of the law. Other elective subjects are also available along with foreign languages.


There are various facilities available at campus and off campus for the students. The classrooms are well-equipped with Air Conditioners and overhead lighting. There is the availability of on-campus female accommodation. However, the area around the college is mostly residential and students can easily find accommodation in rented flats or private hostels. Apart from this is a mess and a canteen is available for the students. There is a street food area within walking distance of the college. The college has a number of clubs or contingents. Students can join such as the dance club, music, fashion, drama, sports, moot court, pro bono, and research. These clubs help to lighten the energy of students, which is often vented out due to the monotony of their daily lives.

Apart from this, the college conducts seminars and workshops on interesting subjects that one can attend. The college’s library is to die for. It is one of the most equipped libraries you would be lost in the areas it covers. The in-charges there are very helpful. Apart from this, the college also provides you with online library portals including SCC, Manupatra, HeilOnline, Jstor, and many more. You can surf through them and enhance your skills of research. It is a paradise for people who love to read.

Student Life

The student life here is a mix of discipline and some fun days. There are regular cultural evenings organized by the college where the students can perform the part of the organizing or just be the audience. These evenings usually end with DJ where the students can enjoy dancing to the beats and have a little heat off. This is also a good time to meet the senior mates and learn from their experience. As the timings of their classes mostly differ this is one time you get a chance to interact with them on a personal basis. This also brings you the chance to work with them in organizing events as well. It is unrealistic to think that everyone at every moment will be on their best behavior but you mostly get a lifetime of experience or learning from it.


In conclusion, Symbiosis Law School, Noida is an amazing place for a law student to spend one of the most important and precious years. Among the private law colleges and some of the government law colleges, symbiosis is one of the best colleges for law students. It has a very strict environment which helps you to get disciplined for life and develop the habits of a professional which you will be needing in your life sooner or later. Also, the rules regarding internships are very liberal for the students and have a lot of options and areas one can find what drives them the most. The faculty is caring and professional with a balance. They are the ones with whom you develop relationships for a lifetime.

The facilities at the college are lovely if one knows how to utilize the resources to the fullest and for that your senior mates will be the best source to learn from. It is to be noted that not everything is rainbows and butterflies and you might face some struggles but it is all part of the journey. You can always reach out to the teachers or senior mates or your fellow batch mates. If not you can reach the well-equipped health care center of the college. Out of ten, I would rate my college eight. Students who are looking forward to joining the college can make their choice after reading this which I have written with all honesty.  

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