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Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology- Review


Kritika Srivastava, a third-year student at Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology, New Delhi has written this first-hand review of her college.


Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology, New Delhi (FIMT) was established in the year 2009 by the Fairfield Group of Institutions and is affiliated with Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU). It is also accredited by the Department of Higher Education (DHE) and the Government of NCT Delhi approved as well. FIMT is approved by the Bar Council of India and National Council for Teacher Education and other authenticating bodies.

The institute offers 9 distinct undergraduate programmes in areas like art, law, business, and management. With a wide variety of courses, FIMT also provides integrated, general, and honours programmes in Management, Commerce, Teachers’ Education, Journalism, Information and Communication Technology, Humanities, and Law and Legal Studies. The institutional distinction comprises programmes for social outreach, fieldwork, and employment orientation in relevant academic fields. It provides improvised add-on and value-added courses, particularly in the context of health care and other significant activities.

Furthermore, The development of a personalised, student-centred community within an open atmosphere that welcomes a wide variety of people, viewpoints, and instructional strategies forms the foundation of FIMT’s unique learning environment. FIMT is one of the BEST associated colleges of GGSIP University because of its reputation for excellence in teaching and learning. In addition, the programmes are recognised by the most prestigious associations in their respective fields.

It has a wonderful campus, great faculty and an incredible residential college system. Although the students are extremely driven and motivated, there is no sense of competition, so even though you are working extremely hard, you don’t feel intimidated by what others are accomplishing. Everyone is brilliant in some way, whether it be in academics, an extracurricular activity, or in personality and social life.


The college site is well built, and all amenities are available, including a playground, parking, a canteen, and a medical facility. The library offers a substantial collection of legal books. Certainly, The best infrastructure in our college is the moot court. The college has a thorough curriculum and superb classroom facilities, which gives me the feeling that the learning atmosphere is very good. Thus, The campus has various facilities and is equipped with services for every course that it offers. It has a Moot Court, an AV Room, and an IT department that is equipped with the best software and computers. It provides legal aid and has a separate cell for that. Moreover, The college offers mental health services and has a counselling room, it has a recreational room and a sports room.

Fee Structure

BBA-LLB is an Integrated course that goes on for a duration of 5 years divided into 10 semesters. The approx fees for the course are 4.5-5 lacs. The university provides various modes for the payment of fees like Paytm, NEFT, Cheque, Demand draft etc.


FIMT provides various academic counsellors, teachers, and professors who are skilled in their fields and have knowledge about the entirety of the course. They are well versed, well equipped with the notes, and provide extra help if needed. The faculty at FIMT is supportive, professional, and helpful to students.


Separate libraries are available at the college for B.Ed., law, and management courses. It has xerox facilities, reference services, computerization, and a section for magazines and journals. Besides that, The Moot Court is an extracurricular field where students are allowed to participate in a simulated court proceeding. The IT department has computer labs with the most cutting-edge gear and software. Together with all the athletic gear, the sports and recreation room offers students a variety of games and entertainment options. An AV recording studio and an AV theatre are also part of the AV division. Students get hands-on experience with teleprompters, professional audio-video recording equipment, and other tools.

For students coming from different regions of Delhi, the institute also offers transportation services. For quick relief from minor medical conditions, the institute has set up a medical emergency centre. Also, the institute has established counselling services, after-hours or weekend services, and personality development programmes and places priority on mental health and outside-of-the-classroom help.


The college has an internship and placement cell and provides for internships through the years and placement upon graduation. Every year, the college conducts campus placements and offers further training and advice to each student on how to acquire placements quickly.

Student life & Senior Junior Culture

Student life in FIMT is pretty much happening. There is always something going around. The college always encourages students to take part in the events that go around and is supportive of the workings of the student. The senior mates are always ready to lend a hand and are also very friendly and inviting to the juniors. They help them academically as well as personally.


All in all, I’d like to say that FIMT is probably one of the best colleges in Delhi NCR, All professors are highly knowledgeable, qualified, and sincere. The course material is excellent. Also, the College hosts numerous events where we have the ability to speak with renowned judges and attorneys, which is very helpful in gaining real-world expertise. We are positively motivated by judges and attorneys. For law students, there is a sizable moot court where numerous activities are scheduled each month. Everything on the campus of the college and hostel is Wi-Fi accessible. Projectors with the newest technologies are used in modern classrooms. The environment is really good.

I’d rate it a solid 9.5/10.

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