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Army Institute of Law- Review

Army Institute of Law

Khushi Pandey, a first-year Law Student at the Army Institute of Law, Mohali has written this first-hand review of her law college.


We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.” – J.K. Rowling

The Army Institute of Law (AIL) is a private unaided institute that was established in July 1999 by the Indian Army under the aegis of the Army Welfare Education Society (AWES) at its interim location at Patiala. The Institute is permanently affiliated with The Punjabi University, Patiala, and approved by the Bar Council of India. In July 2003, the Institute shifted to its current location at Sector 68, Mohali, Punjab. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the then President of India, inaugurated the Mohali Campus on 01 December 2003.

Moreover, AIL has a magnificent residential campus with an impressive architectural structure in the vicinity of Chandigarh and the Punjab & Haryana High Court. It conducts a five-year B.A.LL.B and one-year LLM course. Furthermore, AIL has emerged as a hub of scholastic brilliance and owes this to a team of highly qualified and erudite faculty members who lend a critical perspective to contemporary issues facilitating students’ comprehension and interpretation of various laws and statutes. With ‘Aspire & Achieve’ as its motto, the Institute has grown enormously in the field of legal education. Army Institute of Law continues to pace ahead on the growth trajectory in consonance with the highest standards. This is amplified in its aims and objectives, pedagogical practices, infrastructure, and other features, that facilitate learning.

The Institute plans to start with B Com LLB (Five Years) Course for the forthcoming session. Army Institute of Law strongly believes in making its contribution to the world in a significant way, to realize the dreams of all those who associate with it. The Institute has moved on with an unfettered spirit, making a greater presence felt in the realms of education. It has successfully given a pedestal to many young minds to reap the benefits of their faith in AIL.

The vision of AIL: “To nurture in the young minds, the tenets of justice, equity, and conscience.”


When it comes to the infrastructure of the Army Institute of Law it caters to all the necessities of the students. Some of these are as follows:-

1)Class Rooms: The Institute has Air Conditioned Class Rooms to make teaching and learning more comfortable and conducive.

2)Computer Lab: Thin Client computers have been installed in the Air Conditioned Computer Lab to enable the conduct of online tests by placement companies. It is also used by students to carry on their research activities.

3)Wifi: The campus has enabled high-speed wifi.

4)Library:  State of the art Air Conditioned library with more than 12,000 books, e-books, and online legal databases like SCC Online, Lexis-Nexis, Manupatra, Westlaw, Hein Online, J-stor, LIVE Law, etc.

5)Video Conferencing: This facility helps students to interact with prospective employers for recruitment.

6)Seminar Hall: The campus has a tastefully furnished and air-conditioned Seminar Hall, which can seat 80 people, for hosting seminars and discussions.

7) Conference Hall: This is an air-conditioned facility with a high-tech projection system for conferences and presentations. The institute uses it for board meetings, administrative purposes, and staff meetings.

8)Moot Court Room: State-of-the-Art AC Moot Court Room with a seating capacity of 80 familiarizes students with courtroom proceedings. This facility helps our students to hone their advocacy skills.

9)Multi-Purpose Hall:  The authorities utilize the Centrally Air Conditioned Multi-Purpose Hall, which has a seating capacity of 450, to host national and international events and various other activities.

10)Dining Hall:  The Institute has a modern kitchen with the latest amenities with ample natural light and air cooling to enable the students to enjoy their meals together. There are three dining halls to avoid long queues and to facilitate the enjoyment of meals.

11) Sports: The Institute provides indoor and outdoor sports facilities for all-round personality development of students. These include two Synthetic Basketball Courts, Volleyball Court in addition to Badminton and Table Tennis facilities.

12)Sports Complex: Additional facilities for recreational sports are provided through the newly constructed Sports Complex located in the additional 1.44-acre land adjoining the campus.

13)Amphitheatre: The institute has an aesthetically designed Amphitheatre to organize outdoor functions and for students to spend quality time together.

14)Medical Care: The institute expects all students to take care of their own medical needs. If a student is a dependent of an Army Personnel, they must carry the ‘dependent card’ in order to receive treatment at the Command Hospital, Chandimandir. Besides from this those students who are not dependent on Army Personnel must carry adequate health insurance cover with them. However, the facility of an MI room has been provided in campus.

15)Banking Facility: The institute has an Axis Bank ATM located on its campus. SBI Bank is also located close to the campus.

16)Cafeteria: The tastefully done-up fully air-conditioned cafeteria with a music facility and two big LED displays and HD DTH connection is a hub of student activity.

17)Gymnasium: A fully functional gym with modern machines and equipment is open to students.

18)Open Gym: The authorities have established open gyms in both the girls’ and boys’ hostels to offer students access to extra equipment and help them to stay fit.

19)Generators: 24X7 power backup is available on campus.

20)Guest Rooms: Four fully-furnished guest rooms are available in the campus which may be allotted to the parents of the students.

21)Common Rooms: DTH has been installed in fully air-conditioned hostel common rooms which are available only during off-class hours.

22)Transport: The facility is available to students for medical emergencies and for officially organized events/ functions at the discretion of the management.

23)Stationery Facility: A stationery shop is available in the campus.


The best thing about AIL is its teachers. They all are very helpful and not only teach their subjects but also take care of the overall development of an individual. But as always not all teachers have the quality of knowing which students lack in what thing. Except few, the rest are experts in their subjects and also ensure the overall participation of all the students. Teachers share a cordial relationship with students so that no student should face any problem in public speaking. Teachers here are helpful and have good qualifications in law-related subjects. Their teaching quality and the material provided by them are good. The knowledge which will be applicable in real-life is provided here. Students will surely gain on-hand knowledge from internships, which is fairly decent.


 I think the fee structure is comparatively feasible. The hostel fees include your messing charges, laundry, etc and apart from this, there are the academic fees which include the tuition and the IT expenses. Comparing other private institutions, the fees are quite less. There is a difference between in the fees of army wards , civilians and Punjab residence category. You have to pay whole-year fees for the 1st year but for subsequent years you may pay it in two installments.


The Institute takes pride in announcing good placements over the last couple of years for its campus placements students. The Institute’s placement cell headed by a placement officer helps students in securing placements with Law Firms and Corporate Houses. Students from AIL have paved their footprints across top-tier Law Firms and Corporate Houses.


Student life in campus is very enjoyable. AIL has the majority of the students coming from the army background . Being from the army background, traveled many places students are generally very versatile in nature. Here you get students from all parts of the country which is a very good thing in itself and in addition to this, you make friends you get to know about different places sometimes you accompany them to their cities and villages.  Hence, campus life consists of a lot of diversity. This provides a great atmosphere here in campus.


This is the most interesting part. The relationship between the juniors and seniors is not only one of its kind but also here, we follow lots of traditions to promote a cordial relationship among juniors and seniors. One such most interesting and unique tradition is “Buddy Senior” in which all the senior mates having the same roll numbers as yours will be considered as your buddy senior and will help and guide you at every step. Additionally, both boys’ and girls’ hostels follow numerous other traditions. The campus is ragging-free, and when I am saying this, I really mean it. Yes, senior mates here do not rag you at all. It is absolutely ragging-free campus.


The best thing about AIL is its food. Once you will have the mess food there’s no way back. Mess food is comparatively much much better than other college hostels. You will receive a variety of daily options, and the menu is not repeated frequently.


In conclusion, it can be stated that AIL has established itself as a prominent brand. No other private college and NLU can provide the atmosphere as AIL. AIL is the best place to spend five years of your life. It’s just simply amazing. If you are not so disciplined in your life, AIL will make you follow all the rules and regulations.

Last but not the least, Rating AIL is not at all a good gesture, AIL cannot be rated. AIL is simply amazing and huge shout out to all the AILiens because of whom AIL is AIL.

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Disclaimer: This review provides a first-hand account of law college and is part of our dedicated segment of law college reviews, written by students of the same college to give prospective law students valuable insights about the institution. Before making any decisions about enrollment, we recommend that you verify the information provided in this review.


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