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Institute of Law Kurukshetra University-Review

Institute of Law Kurukshetra University

Tanu Saini, a 4th year Law Student at the Institute of Law-Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra has written this first-hand review of her law college.

Introduction of Kurukshetra University

Situated on the land of Mahabharata and the birthplace of the Geeta, Kurukshetra University is one of the pre-eminent educational institutions of India. The university was established in 1956 on the plains of the river Saraswati on the western bank of the famous Brahm Sarover. The department of Sanskrit was the first and only department in the university when it was inaugurated by Bharat Ratna Dr Rajender Prasad, the first President of the Indian Republic.

In the year 2001, Kurukshetra University established, the Institute of Law on its campus to run a 5-Year integrated Law Course. The Hon’ble Justice A. S. Anand, the then Chief Justice of India, laid the foundation stone for the institute’s own building on the campus. Professor V. K. Agarwal, an Indian Law scholar and academic administrator, was the founder and director of the Institute of Law, Kurukshetra University.

The Institute of Law-Kurukshetra University aims towards disseminating legal knowledge to students. The institute administers the All India Entrance Test for admissions and strictly follows the merit-based system to admit students based on their performance in the test



On the campus of Kurukshetra University, the Institute of Law’s building covers a compact area of 60,000 square feet. Upon entering the premises of the Institute of Law one will see beautiful greenery and an inspiring statute of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar, the first Law Minister of India.


Kurukshetra University also has a University Library System which consists of a Jawaharlal Nehru Library (which is the Central Library of the University) and Branch or departmental Libraries. Hence, The institute of Law also has its own library well-stocked with books on Law and other related subjects with a commodious reading hall. The students have free access to the University Central Library and the library of the Department of Law.

Computer Lab

The institute possesses a well-equipped Computer Lab to cater for the need of law students in the field of computer education since due to recent innovations computer technology has become a prerequisite for any field of Knowledge and the legal field is no exception to it. The law students also have free access to the Computer Centre of the University.

Moot Court Room

“Brevity is best because it leaves no room for inattention by listener” – Thomas Jefferson

Mooting makes law students brave and confident. With the same purpose, the Institute of Law--Kurukshetra University has a Moot Court Room where intra-moot court competitions are conducted per semester.


Kurukshetra University has a total of 11 hostels for boys and 1 for Foreign male students and 13 for girls. All the hostels are well equipped and offer hostel facilities such as a gym, a common reading hall, an ATM etc. But still, there is room for improvements in the facilities of hostels.

Educational village

The university resembles a large, self-contained educational village with lecture theatres, a Wi-Fi campus, a medical Centre with 65+ eminent doctors, cafeterias, canteens, a market, a bank, ATMs, a Post Office, an auditorium, a museum representing the culture of Haryana, and also a guest room. Many people have rated the campus of Kurukshetra University as one of the most beautiful campuses in India.

Sports Facilities

“One man practising sportsmanship is far better than 50 preaching it.”- Knute Rockne.

Sports and physical activities are an important part of student life at Kurukshetra University as it considers sports crucial for overall development. The University organises All India Inter University Tournaments and International Tournaments which include Boxing, wrestling, cycling, Tennis, Cricket and also many more games. It contains Basket Ball Court, Cricket Ground, Tennis Court, Swimming Pool, Yoga Centre, Hockey Field, Athletic Track etc.


The B.A.LL.B (Hons.) course has an annual fee of approximately Rs. 72 Thousand, which is divided into two semesters. Students can make payments for the fees through both online and offline modes.


The Institute of Law-Kurukshetra University is full of qualified and experienced teachers. There are some amazing teachers. But sometimes, the long lectures from 9 am to 5 pm with only a one-hour lunch break from 1:15 pm till 2.15 pm drain out the whole energy. But, there are also some teachers who interact with students while teaching which makes the learning experience more interesting and engaging.


Students get internships in various government as well as private institutions including National Human Rights Commission, State Human Rights Commission, NGOs etc. But the placements are offered only when students ask and that too with their own efforts. So, in conclusion, the placement system of the Institute of Law is not great. The course curriculum is relevant for judicial aspirants only. The institute has produced various great Judicial Officers.


The university is committed to fostering the holistic development of its students. Ample opportunities are provided to those participating in different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Managed by the Directorate of Youth and Cultural Affairs, these activities include youth festivals at zonal, inter-zonal, inter-university and national levels as well as various other cultural activities.


Five years ago, the University started a unique public speaking competition for students called ‘Rostrum’. This popular event attracted several hundred students as speakers on issues of societal concern and other issues of national and international concern. Students have actively associated with NCC and NCC programmes as well.

Seminars, Debates, Quiz Contests etc

In order to train budding lawyers, the faculty of the institute of law employs a mix of learning tools aimed at providing sound conceptual knowledge and realistic situations for problem-solving and decision-making. The course curriculum includes moot court, practical court training, seminars, debates, quiz contests, and other activities that are integrated into the evaluation of each student’s performance. Distinguished jurists, senior advocates, and eminent professors are invited to deliver extension lectures to provide students and teachers with the necessary exposure. The institute also actively conducts many seminars at regular intervals. Even during the lockdown, the Institute of Law organised various online seminars on topics, which are of great importance in today’s world.

Law Fest

Every year, students in their 4th year organize the “Law Fest”, which is the best event of the Institute of Law-Kurukshetra University, with the support of the administration. It happens in the month of March. It includes many activities like a moot court, quiz, talent hunt, open mic, group dance, fashion show and also many other interesting activities. The Law fest is going to happen this month as well and every student of the Institute of Law is excited about the event which makes it more special.  


Senior junior relationship in the Institute of Law is very healthy. Kurukshetra University campus is a Ragging Free Campus. Believe me, when I say this it means literally zero tolerance for ragging. Rather, seniors are quite friendly, supportive and always ready to help. They will help with any problem related to academics or personal. From mooting to having fun seniors are always there to guide. 


There are many great things at the Institute of Law. Talking about teachers, they are very cooperative and friendly. In the last 4-5 years, the students of the Institute of Law are taking a significant interest in extra-curricular activities and taking the initiative to bring positive changes. Moreover, there are some areas which need improvements. For example, the class timings, the placements, strictness in attendance, hygiene etc. Other than this, the Institute of Law is a good place to study law.

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Disclaimer: This review provides a first-hand account of law college and is part of our dedicated segment of law college reviews, written by students of the same college to give prospective law students valuable insights about the institution. Before making any decisions about enrollment, we recommend that you verify the information provided in this review.


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