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How is Panjab University Law College

BY Mukul Bansal, Panjab University


Panjab University is one of the most ranked universities in India. However, taking about the law department the Department of Laws, was originally established at Lahore in 1889, was re-established at Shimla in 1948, shifted to Jalandhar in 1950 and finally re-located at the University Campus at Chandigarh in 1959.

Originally the university has 188 affiliated colleges spread all over but taking about law department it has 4 regional centers as well under it at Ludhiana, Muktsar and Hoshiarpur. Addition to it University also has a 5 year integrated course of law namely BA.LLB , LLB and LLM said as University Institute of Legal Studies (UILS), Panjab University, Chandigarh. Both these legal Courses have Regional Centers as stated above. 


The Fee structure of the university is very reasonable. The below mentioned fees structure is for the General Category. The fees structure fluctuates from time to time and fees structure for other categories can be seen on the official page because the fees fluctuate.

BA.LLB & Bcom.LLBDepartment of laws, Panjab University( 3 years)LLM
3.55 lakhs*40,449*1,01,073*


Its Alumni include Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts, Union Cabinet Ministers, State Chief Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Ambassadors, Senior Bureaucrats, Police Officers and other legal luminaries. Law graduates from this department are serving all over the country in the lower courts, High Courts and Supreme Court. The faculty of the department consists of 9 Professors, 2 Associate Professors, 5 Assistant Professors, 8 part-time teachers, guest faculty and many Research Scholars working on various Research Programmes.

Department also organizes various lecture’s from its alumni from time to time to keep the students motivated all the time. Teachers under the department are really experienced with a minimum of 20 year and have a lot of exposure and extra knowledge that would be really helpful. Faculty members also help in mentoring a child and providing him best alternatives for any situation.


Previously there were two batches in the department of laws morning and evening, and evening batch is being discontinued from now. Students have bloomed their career into litigation, and some of them have joined judiciary while others are excelling in the corporate sector. Placement cell is not that good in the 3rd-year law department.

Mostly in 3rd-year law department students prefer for the judiciary, or they go for practices. Still, we have a placement cell, but that is not effective because no one makes any efforts to interact with companies and invite them to make placement from our department. But if any efforts are made students will get a great opportunity from the placement cell because the department of laws have the greatest alumni of all time in Panjab University. Many renowned officers in India have studied from Panjab University.

Taking about the Internship opportunity department provides a mandatory internship for students in 3rd year for 15 days under an advocate. But students have to initiate themselves and can do so by the help of the teachers because they are in contact with many advocates and corporate firms and can recommend you over there. But the same as above said students in the department of laws are mostly those who are preparing for one or other competitive exams so they do not prefer internships that much.


Department organizes various guest lectures from the experts in that field and alumni’s. Every year the department organizes a law fest under which various other colleges participate and a huge competitions are held. Apart from this department also organizes an annual departmental moot and various debates competition.

Students in the department of laws have been to various National Moots and have achieved a great status over there. Department also has a legal Aid clinic under which children have performed various Nukkad Natak at various stages and have promoted various messages through those Nukkad Natak.


Talking about the grievance redressal department is very helpful whenever any situation arises in academics as well as in other matters as well. University being a part of student’s elections every year because of which there are always a lot of issues. In those matters, a person can move to the elected members of that department to make that situation resolved or they themselves can directly move to the chairperson to get their issues solved.

But having a student-elected member in every department is very helpful because if any problem arises they can directly and openly convey them and they will be done as soon as possible. Even if we have any minor problem we can have a talk with our own teachers as well and they also help a lot.


As already said above university being a student politics is a great help in itself because senior are the one who are the elected members of the department due to which they help a lot in each and every situation.

Even during the counselling of 1st year, they are the ones who themselves call each and every student and make sure that they are present at the time of counselling.

That apply to academics as well because they provide their self made notes and it will never make you feel about any senior-junior relationship between them. They treat each and everyone in the same way and seniors even guide their juniors about what stream they are good at and other help as well.

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  1. PROS
  • Literally very experienced and helpful teachers.
  • Very healthy and friendly environment.
  • Library in the department is very helpful and updated with new arrivals all the time and even the library consists of various competitive books that are helpful in future.
  • Teachers are helpful in making your recommendation to best lawyers and judges in the city.
  • Helpful in polishing our skills in various streams under law.
  • Meet and greet with great alumni personally.
  1. CONS
  • Placement cell is not in a good condition and getting a placement at this time is the most one want.
  • Students are required to push the department to organize an event sometimes.
  • Being a government college it’s not that clean.
  • Classrooms are not in good condition.
  • Official works are really slow as being a government college


According to my rating, I would give my department 8/10. The only reason in my view it’s 8 is because of the placement and the cleanliness in the department rest all the things are great in the department of laws.

A student like me always thinks of 2 things i.e. academics and teachers knowledge. And both these things are great in the department and additional teachers are really helpful in various situations. My only recommendation to the department of law is that the placement cell must be made in use as soon as possible.


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