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Ramaiah College Of Law, Bengaluru: Review

Review: Ramaiah College Of Law

Review: Ramaiah College Of Law

Saumya Raj


College provides best facilities for the students. They get everything on campus whatever they want. 24hrs Wi-Fi is available, labs and classrooms are very big and whichever book you want you can find in the college library. Hostels are very good and clean.

Everyone is very friendly. Food is good and there is a college hospital for the treatment of our students. In 2020, they inaugurated a new building. They provide AC in libraries, labs, etc. MSRCL has a large campus. 

Fee Structure

College fees is  1,40,000 per annum.


Faculty members of Ramaiah College of Law are known for their teaching excellence with high academic qualification dedicated and committed themselves for the cause of imparting quality legal education. Faculty a blend of experienced teachers having teaching experience of more than 20 years and young and energetic, dynamic youngsters with strong penchant for teaching.

Teachers and faculty members are very helpful and cooperative in course. They are well-qualified and have a great academic background. The method of teaching is also pretty convincing. This course has great potential to help students to evolve in their personality and develop while in the process of learning. The net outcome after the completion is that students are well-equipped with the ability to face difficulties of the competitive world.

Internship and Placement

The Placement Committee aims at quality placements for the graduating students. The College invites experts to train and orient students to face the professional world once they step out. Workshops are conducted for drafting and other hands- on training exercises. The Placement Committee also conducts legal ethics and career guidance sessions for the students.

The Committee invites Law firms and Companies for campus recruitments. There are a large number of students being placed through the Placement Committee of RCL. They always endeavor to help students to get recruited to the best legal and allied organizations of repute. They also organize training on skill development and also provide them with mock interviews etc., for equipping them to face the interview board.

Placement is good. Internship is not provided by college maximum time and they keep their students up to date about internships.

Co Curricular and Extracurricular activities

Many extra activities are there for students like-

  • Cultural Activities NSS and Sports: To nurture and cherish the various talents of the students, the college has a sports and cultural committee, which is responsible for their participation in various cultural and sports activities. The college conducts the annual cultural fest, sports day and celebrates all national days and various festivals such as Karnataka Rajyatosva, Onam, Farewell, Fresher’s Day etc.
  • Cultural Activities: The college encourages the students to take part in cultural activities that enable them to showcase their talent and creativity in various inter-collegiate events. Management encourages the students to showcase their various cultural patterns by organizing various cultural events.
  • National Service Scheme: The college organizes a lot of community development programs through NSS. The main objective is to identify the needs and problems of the community and make the people participate in community development activities, develop among them a sense of social and civic responsibility.
  • Sports: The college shows an equal amount of interest in sports along with academic activities. The college has a well equipped sports complex with the latest sports goods. They conduct sports meets every year. Many students are a part of KSLU teams and have represented the college in various sports events organized by the prestigious institutions and have won many awards and prizes.

Grievance redressal

The institution makes sure that every woman in the institution is protected and makes them feel at home. For this purpose the college has Women Grievance Redressal Cell to protect them and solve their common problems.

Senior junior culture

There is no culture as such. Junior should give respect to seniors. This is the basic culture.

Pros and Cons

Pros – College is equipped with better infrastructure, updated pedagogy and teaching method which helps the students understand the subject by probing into the depth of it. Some of the pros of studying in private law colleges are as follows:

  • The infrastructure in college is excellent. The campus usually has all the comfort a student needs.
  • Diversity is a positive point.  Students can interact with students and peers from other departments and courses such as engineering, management, medical etc which proves beneficial to expand the reach and improve versatility among the law students.
  • Good placement assistance is given to students.

Cons –

  • The curriculum of college can be vast and hence some students might find covering all of it to be a problem.
  • Students might have to look for internships themselves. The institutes provide the facility of campus placements but students have to land at internships by themselves.

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Review: Ramaiah College Of Law

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