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Department of Law, AMU- Review


Aina Islam, a Law Student at the Department of Law, Aligarh Muslim University, Indore has written this first-hand review of her law college.


Department of Law, Aligarh Muslim University is one of the most prestigious central universities in India and has been providing quality education since its establishment in 1875 by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. With its well-renowned and more than a century-old law department, the university has been making an imminent contribution to the legal field by producing innumerable legal icons.

Having a long list of successful national and international alumni, the law faculty is rated among the top ten law colleges in India and offers graduation, post-graduation, and Ph.D. along with 3 P.G. diploma courses in various specializations.


The Department of Law AMU is well-built, furnished, and equipped with every possible facility needed by the students. Having a rich library with access to several databases and legal software helps law students in legal research and studies.

The department also has an ICT lab comprising multiple computer systems along with wifi and other important devices.


The Department also has a rich and active mooting club that conducts seminars and competitions to inculcate and hone mooting skills among the students.

The club has been set up to harbor research and court advocacy to produce distinguished lawyers.


By the virtue of the legal aid Clinic, AMU has been catering to the needs of the marginalized sections of society by providing free legal services.

Additionally, The activities of the cell comprise free legal counseling, the conduction of legal awareness and literacy camps, visits to courts, juvenile centers, and prisons, and seminars or conferences on hot legal issues.


AMU law society is an integral part of the law faculty and is responsible for conducting various national-level competitions including quizzes, debates, case commentaries, etc.

Conduction of various seminars and conferences on relevant issues also falls within its purview of it.

The society is also responsible for releasing a yearly magazine with legal pieces written by the deemed professors and law students of the faculty.


The Department of Law consists of 26 well-trained and eligible Professors who possess efficient teaching skills and mastery over their niche.

Moreover, The student-teacher ratio at B.A.LL.B.( Hons) is 1:22 and 1:4 in the LL.M. program.


  • AMU provides quality education with a nominal annual fee of INR 9000 with the hostel fee included.
  • The college structures the tuition fee in a way that prevents any financial strain on its students.
  • Payment can be made by various modes to the concerned authorities.


AMU has a glorious history of producing judicial officers with approximately 20% of the students qualifying for various judicial services examinations every year.

A lot of students go after the corporate sector via campus placement whereas others join the bar making the placement percentage 93.

Around 25% of law students join the LL.M. program and later go on to pursue a Ph.D.

In the final year, the faculty also helps the students in getting an internship at the Supreme Court of India providing an insightful experience and a great learning opportunity.


AMU is well known for its distinguished and brotherly senior-junior culture. The senior mates undeniably play an important role and are a great help. From providing notes to giving career and internship-related advice, you can surely count on them.

The senior-junior culture is purely based on respect, kindness, and AMU’s “tehzeeb”, a prime example of it can be the fact that with a senior around, you can’t pay your canteen bills.


Overall AMU provides a holistic and nurturing environment that helps the student in pursuing a legal education. With very hard-working and self-driven staff members, an enthusiastic crowd, and a successful alumni network, AMU serves as one of the best places in India to study law.

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Disclaimer: This review provides a first-hand account of law college and is part of our dedicated segment of law college reviews, written by students of the same college to give prospective law students valuable insights about the institution. Before making any decisions about enrollment, we recommend that you verify the information provided in this review.

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