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B K Mercantile Bank Law College- Review

Karan Modi a Law Student at the B K Mercantile Bank Law College, Palanpur has written this first-hand review of his law college.

About B K Mercantile Bank Law College

B K Mercantile Bank Law College is located in Palanpur a city in North Gujarat. It is affiliated with Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan.

The BDKM law college is approved by BAR Council. The Law College is a self-financed one and was set up in the year 1997 run by Banaskantha District Kelavani Mandal offering a three-year degree course of LL.B and LL.M. of 2 Years Program in Business and Criminal Law. At present, the total student strength of the college is 305.

The vision of the B.K. Mercantile Bank Law College is “To establish and maintain a center for motivating, research, training, excellence, awareness, and innovation in legal education with a view to developing and sustaining professionals in the legal field and inculcating the spirit of the Constitution, Secularism, Scientific temper and Rule of Law amongst them.”


The B.K. Mercantile Bank Law College has an excellent infrastructure. Our college is located on the campus of the G.D.Modi Vidhya Sankul, and we are a part of that campus. There are a number of various colleges on that campus i.e., B.A., fine arts, and BCA. While our institution only offers a three-year LL.B. course, it only has three classrooms, a library equipped with the best law books and journals, and a moot courtroom.


When it comes to faculty, the Law College recruits good academics with effective teaching skills who can guide next-generation law students with their experience in the legal field.

Fee Structure

The annual fees for the LLB Course are roughly Rs 55,000 including all necessary expenses, and the fee per semester is between Rs 7000 and Rs 9000. The university accepts a choice of fee payment methods, including g-pay, NEFT, cheque, and demand draft.

Curriculum and Extra Curricular Activities

For extracurricular activities, the college organizes Mock trials, elocution contests, Legal Literacy Camps, and student trips to the High Court and Supreme Court are all organized by the college. The college also hosts Teacher’s Day, and law quizzes and arrange guest lectures from different expert in the legal field.


The college features a well-equipped library as well as its own moot courtroom.

Centers such as the Legal Aid Centre, the Cell Against Sexual Harassment, the Cell for Women’s Development, and the Cell for the Right to Information.

Every year, the Legal Aid Centre organizes a Legal Literacy Camp in two or more villages to raise understanding of one’s legal duties and rights. By presenting them through drama, etc., the messages are highlighted and made simple to understand.


The BDKM law college has taken steps to begin the process of placing final-year students from all group institutes under this trust.

Aside from the internal faculty from the respective disciplines, the experts and trainers from other technical/professional institutes and fields have been invited to impart the necessary knowledge and skills to the students in order to prepare them for interviews for appropriate jobs in the industries.

Certified experts have formed a placement team and are now actively working on placements.

Student Life

The law college’s students enjoy their time there as undergraduates studying law. The environment on campus is friendly.

College instructors provide guidance and provide answers to problems in everyday life. Moreover, The student can access the library after college hours and can ask any questions without feeling uncomfortable.

The college hosts a teacher’s day where students have the opportunity to assume the role of professors and educate their fellow students.

Senior-Junior Culture

The senior-junior culture of BDKM Law College, which is essentially a family relationship, is its greatest quality. When a new student enrolls in college, he looks for someone he knows.

He meets his senior mates, who help him, inspire him, and lift his morale in both good and difficult times. In BDKM Law College, senior mates encourage their juniors in any way they can and serve as a constant reminder of why they are there.

Senior mates at BDKM Law College have been great resources for their juniors. They help them with every completion like moot-court, and quizzes and they also share their experiences of internship or legal field.

Conclusion & Rating

In my opinion the B.K. Mercantile Bank Law College provides the best education in the best way possible and it attracts expert people to come here and share their knowledge of the law with the students. The college has a good reputation around the district of Banaskantha. I would like to give a rating of 6/10 because the college has room for improvement.

Official Link to the Website

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Disclaimer: This review provides a first-hand account of law college. It is part of our dedicated segment of law college reviews, written by students of the same college to give prospective law students valuable insights about the institution. Before making any decisions about enrollment, we recommend that you verify the information provided in this review.


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