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How To File An RTI Online in India / RTI filing Procedure

how to file an Rti

Learn Step By Step To File An RTI Online

Ever felt you didn’t have enough power to question any public authority and its activities?

Here’s your guide on how to get the government’s response to a request for information in the public domain by means of Right to Information Act passed in 2005:

1. For submitting RTI application click on submit request option after opening the website:

2. On clicking on submit request option ‘Guidelines for use of RTI Online Portal’ screen will be displayed. This screen contains various guidelines for using RTI online portal. Citizen has to click on the checkbox ‘I have read and understood the above guidelines’ and then click on submit button.

3. Then Online RTI Request Form screen will be displayed. Ministry or Department for which the applicant wants to file an RTI can be selected from Select Ministry/Department/Apex body dropdown.

4. Applicant will receive sms alerts in case he/she provides mobile number. The fields marked * are mandatory while the others are optional.

5. If a citizen belongs to BPL category, he has to select the option ‘Yes’ in ‘Is the applicant below poverty line?’ field and has to upload a BPL card certificate in supporting document field. (No RTI fee is required to be paid by any citizen who is below poverty line as per RTI Rules, 2012)

6. On submission of the application, a unique registration number would be issued, which may be referred by the applicant for any references in future.

7. If a citizen belongs to Non BPL category, he has to select the option ‘No’ in ‘Is the applicant below poverty line?’ field and has to make a payment of Rs 10 as prescribed in the RTI Rules, 2012.

8. ‘Text for RTI request application’ should be upto 3000 characters. If the text is more than 3000 characters, then the application can be uploaded in the supporting document field.

9. After filling all the details in the form, click on the ‘make payment’ option.

T10. On clicking the option, Online Request Payment form will be displayed. The payment mode can be selected in this form, which can be; internet banking, ATM-cum-debit card or credit card.

11. After clicking on the ‘Pay’ button, the applicant will be directed to SBI payment gateway for payment. After completing the payment process, applicants will be redirected back to RTI Online Portal.

12. The applicant will get an email and sms alert on submission of application.

Note: Only alphabets A-Z a-z number 0-9 and special characters , . – _ ( ) / @ : & \ % are allowed in text for RTI request application.

The application filed through this web portal would reach electronically to the nodal officer of the concerned Ministry/Department, who would transmit the RTI application electronically to the concerned CPIO.

This was the procedure to file RTI Online. Hope it helped.


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