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“Food symbolizes love when words fall to define it. Sending you warm wishes on World Food Day. Enjoy food with happiness!” 

World Food Day is celebrated on 16th October with an objective to promote global awareness for those who suffer hunger and celebrated worldwide to ensure a healthy diet for all. In 1979, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN-designated World Food Day on 16th October.

One must know the importance of food in life because one earns to fill his starving stomach. The term starvation is generally used for those who are unable to fetch a one-time meal for themselves. Therefore, Food day is celebrated not only to appreciate the privilege of getting food but is also celebrated to raise awareness for those who do not have the privilege to have food.

Here, by using the phrase ‘to have food’ we mean to say that there are people who aren’t able to earn enough to get food to satisfy their hunger. 

Talking about its very inception, World Food Day was first launched in 1945 and the reason for the creation of this day was to celebrate the launch of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation. Every year this day is celebrated to focus on various aspects of food such as food security, agriculture, fishing communities, the effect of climate change on food etc. 

Last year, in 2019 the theme of world food day was ‘Zero Hunger’ with an objective to take actions to make healthy diets affordable and available for all. For 2020, the theme is “Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together. Our Actions Are Our Future.”


Just like other festivals, the World Food Day is also celebrated in many different ways like cultural performances, through exhibitions, hunger march, concerts for young generations etc. Since the aim of celebrating this day is to spread awareness among people about the need for food, the most appealing way to celebrate this day is by providing food to people who need it the most.

Just how we donate clothes and other essentials to the poor people, we can also donate food to these people and celebrate this day with its real meaning. There are many NGOs, foundations, food banks, who do the same for the poor and we can too volunteer ourselves for such a noble cause. 

This day is celebrated with so much zest and is full of emotions and elation. Events like hunger marathon, different contests are organized. This year, keeping in view the ‘social distancing’ tag, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN has decided to go digital i.e., celebrate this day via social media platforms.

Anyone who wishes to be a part of this event may visit and ask for help. Through this way, individuals can take actions via online mode and express their words of appreciation for the food heroes i.e., the farmers because of whom we are away from the food crisis. 

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