When Should You Hire An Attorney After a Car Accident?

When Should You Hire An Attorney After a Car Accident?

This article gives you a guide on When Should You Hire An Attorney After a Car Accident. Naphtal from LegalGiant has written this Guest Post.


When you’re injured in a car accident, your mind will naturally focus on your recovery before anything else. But as you feel better and can finally comprehend the events that transpired, you understand that apart from your recovery, there are bills to pay.

A car accident can be devastating not only because of the injuries but the losses that come with it. Medical bills, lost wages, and property damage can take a toll on your financial health.

The good news is that you can file a personal injury claim and get compensation for your medical bills and losses if someone else caused the accident.

One of the questions that you will have before beginning your personal injury claim process is whether you need a lawyer. This article gives you a guide on when you should hire an attorney after a car accident.

Should You Get a Lawyer After an Accident?

There’s no rule requiring a lawyer to represent you when filing a personal injury claim. Many victims of car accidents choose to go down the road themselves and still succeed.

However, those who work with lawyers to negotiate their personal injury claims or go to trial have better chances of getting good outcomes.

If you have little to no legal experience, negotiating with insurance companies for your claims can be difficult.

Remember, many insurance companies are unwilling to pay for the settlement even if you deserve it. If you go to them without legal backing, you may end up with less than you deserve or even nothing.

The presence of a personal injury lawyer gives you a good fighting chance and can intimidate the insurance companies during the negotiation process.

Lawyers have professional knowledge of the law and have spent several years negotiating even with the most difficult insurance companies.

They will do everything possible to represent your rights and ensure you get maximum compensation.

When Should You Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident?

When you suffer injuries and damages in an accident caused by another person, you shouldn’t have to bear the consequences all by yourself.

You need to talk to an attorney as soon as possible to get the parties involved to pay for the losses. One of the things that should be on your to-do list after an accident is contacting an attorney.

Getting a lawyer to help pile the evidence, talk to witnesses, and get a medical report will help you come up with a strong case right from the beginning.

You shouldn’t wait until things get complicated before hiring an attorney. The earlier you get your attorney to help, the higher your chances of getting good compensation.

Some of the instances where you should get a lawyer to represent you for a car accident claim include:

1 ) Determining Fault

An accident happens so fast that those involved may have a difficult time determining fault. In some instances, both parties might be at fault, making it hard to file an insurance claim.

A personal injury attorney has years of experience in tort law as well as negligence theory. They can help analyze the situation and determine whether you share the blame and to what extent.

They will ensure you don’t admit fault where there’s none and even represent you in court if the insurance company tries to play dirty.

2) Insurance Company Is Offering Unfair Amount

When you have all the evidence, the medical reports, and the damages, it’s time to figure out the math. However, what you thought you deserved might not be close to the amount the insurance company presents on the negotiating table.

If you believe what the insurance company offers is close to an insult, it’s time to get your lawyer involved.

An experienced attorney will help you do the math and give you an estimate of the figure you should expect. You won’t be forced to settle for a meager amount that won’t even cover half of your losses.

3) You Suffered Severe Injuries

There are instances where your injuries may be so minor that your claim might just get settled in a small claims court.

However, if you suffer more severe injuries that might cause permanent damage, you’ll need the help of a professional to represent you.

Compensation for permanent injuries is usually so high insurance companies might have a difficult time paying.

Remember, you’ll have to deal with lifetime expenses such as rehabilitation, assistive devices, and lost capacity to earn.

All these should be included in your personal injury claim, and only an attorney can help you fight for fair compensation.

4) Accident With Government Agency

If you get into an accident with an employee of the state, it will take time and good negotiation skills to recover compensation. Even experienced attorneys know how hard it can be to negotiate with local or state agencies.

If you represent yourself, you have a high chance of losing or even giving up on the case. You need someone with legal expertise to negotiate on your behalf and help you recover your compensation. 

5) A Loved One Died

Getting compensation for injuries can be a lot easier than filing a claim for wrongful death. When suing the at-fault party for wrongful death. ou need an in-depth understanding of how the law works and how much compensation you need. An attorney can help explain how things work and help you recover damages from the accident.

Bottom Line

It may make sense to represent yourself when filing compensation for minor accidents that only deserve small compensation. You might save time and money by handling all the paperwork and negotiations yourself.

However, in more severe accidents that result in bad injuries or even death, you’ll need the help of someone who understands the law better.

An attorney will help you determine fault in an accident, advise you appropriately on whether you have a case, and negotiate on your behalf. They understand how to negotiate with the insurance companies to get fair compensation.

In general, it all boils down to why you need an attorney and not just when you need one. So, think about the circumstances surrounding your accident and personal injury claim and decide when and why you need the help of an attorney.


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