March 29, 2023
Sanjay Rawat

Personal Injury Lawyers Baton Rouge

What does Personal Injury mean? The concept of personal injury is a fundamental element of civil law, also known as tort law. It provides individuals with the ability

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Law College

Importance of Paraphrasing in Legal Writing

Introduction The act of rephrasing a text in one’s own words without altering its meaning is known as paraphrasing. When composing intricate legal texts and documents, it is

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Constitutional Law Indian Constitution

Freedom To Trade, Commerce and Intercourse

Karan Modi, A 2nd-Year, B.K Mercantile Bank Law College Student has written this Article”FREEDOM TO TRADE, COMMERCE, AND INTERCOURSE” Introduction: Trade is one of the most crucial pillars

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Know The Law News

Why Rahul Gandhi is disqualified as MP after his conviction? Know the Law

Section 8(3) of the Representation of peoples Act warrants that the moment a member of parliament is convicted of any offence and sentenced for at least two years

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Judiciary Know The Law

Legal Advertising in India- Solicitation

Manish Kumar a student of BA.LLB (Hons) at the School of law, Lovely Professional University has written this article on “Legal Advertising in India”- Solicitation Introduction to Legal

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Law College Research Topics for Law Students

Research Topics For law Students in 2023

Introduction Legal research is an essential skill that law students must acquire as it provides them with the tools necessary to develop critical thinking abilities, establish a solid

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Factors That Will Affect Your Personal Injury Settlement

The article “Factors That Will Affect Your Personal Injury Settlement” is written by Naphtal Introduction The law stipulates that anyone involved in a personal injury case has the

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Know The Law

Legal Writing Tool That Every Law Student Should Know

Introduction: Legal Writing Tool Writing is essential for law students, as it is necessary to communicate legal arguments, analyze cases, and present research findings. Therefore, it is important

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