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Top Apps for Lawyers and Legal Firms to Download This Year


Lawyers and legal firms need to organize their stuff and information with great care. With too much data on hand, losing any information can mess up entire cases, leading to dire consequences. That’s why one needs to download legal apps to facilitate the legal process.

Not only can you organize a lot of your legal work if you’re a lawyer but your legal firm can also be productive in terms of handling operations and clients. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a list of some legal apps that you should download.

And for running these apps continuously, you’d need reliable internet without any data caps. For that purpose, we recommend checking out plans from Xfinity since it offers the right kind with amazing speed tiers.

You can contact them at the ATT customer service number and get insights on the plans as well as get an internet plan for your firm’s needs. With that, let’s check out the apps you can download:


Legal matters require immense precision, especially when it comes to time. Missing client hearings or appointments is something that is crucial for your client as well as your profile. But don’t stress out, Calendly is here to assist with this matter.

It comes with numerous features and perks that make handling legal matters easier than ever. Let’s check them out:

  • Real-time scheduling, appointments, etc.
  • Automated scheduling for recurring clients.
  • Group scheduling feature.
  • Reminders for appointments.
  • Admin tools, reporting, and analytics tools.
  • Compliance management, security tools, etc.
  • Easy to integrate with HubSpot, Zapier, etc.

The basic version is free; however, it’s better to get the premium version for professionals or even get one for the team to get the most out of it.


Another app with flexible workability is Leadmonk. It’s one of the most reliable apps that lawyers and legal firms can use because of its unique features, superb compatibility with other apps, and great assistance needed for legal operations.

For starters, it has an advanced booking system that makes it easier to manage and book appointments for clients without any hassle. Apart from this, it comes with some splendid perks, including:

  • Flexible scheduling interface with buffer-time, rescheduling, etc. features.
  • Group or collective appointment features.
  • Has location options and allows multiple duration options for appointments.
  • Can create team pages and intake forms too.
  • Easy to integrate with Stripe, Zoom, PayPal, etc.

Leadmonk is your key to succeeding as a well-managed lawyer or a law firm.

Time Doctor

Time is money; that’s something everyone needs to keep in mind. For lawyers and legal firms, managing everything on time is crucial because doing this will ensure seamlessness in everything.

As for the features, this employee-friendly time scheduling app is quite amazing as it packs some splendid features, including:

  • Time tracking for projects, tasks, clients, etc.
  • Easy to integrate with Avaza, Bitbucket, etc.
  • Helps manage payroll, email notifications, etc.
  • Helps track website activity, take screenshots, and other functions.

It’s a unique app that will surely help improve overall employee performance and create efficiency when it comes to managing things on time.


Missing appointments or important client meetings will damage your firm’s overall profile. Hence, you need something that will help with personal booking as well as appointment scheduling.

Missed.com is the right choice for the purpose since it comes with amazing features that can help you streamline your scheduling process. It comes with features, including:

  • Online appointment system.
  • Booking and scheduling system.
  • Call recording, staff, and customer management portals.
  • Integrates recurring appointments and direct payments.
  • Integrated with third-party software such as Zoom.

It’s a great app that is amazing when it comes to scheduling and appointment management needs. So, the next time you’re stressing about this stuff, download it and rest easy.


When it comes to legal activities, legal firms need to administer vigilance to ensure things are managed properly. For assistance, you can download Clio and manage things without any hassle. It’s an all-in-one tool for tracking progress as well as helping you manage related processes on the go.

It holds some exciting features, including:

  • Easy management of documents, cases, tasks, etc.
  • Track time, expenses, billing, and more.
  • Create a client portal that can help with online payments, calendaring, etc.
  • Integrate third-party software such as Dropbox, Zoom, etc. needed for management and communication.

It’s easily available on almost all platforms and you can get different versions based on your requirements too.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it! These are some of the apps that you should download if you’re a lawyer or run a legal firm of lawyers. Downloading these will surely improve your overall operations and will help with managing things efficiently.

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