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The Role of Environment in Personality Development during Covid-19

Harshika Singh, 29 August,2020

Personality is the combination of your qualities, eccentricity, beliefs, traits and attitude. A lot of factors including environment and heredity play an essential role in shaping one’s personality. A child personality has several components: genetic, adaptive and behavioural. The first component shows child approach to the world’s and how the child learns about the world. It is a genetically determined trait. The second component is the related to the adaptive patterns related to child’s specific environment. The third component is character it includes the set of emotional, cognitive and behavioural patterns. A person character evolves throughout their life[1]. Thus personality development involves development of all aspects of life.

Environment plays a huge role in shaping our personality. According to several studies, it is being said the social environment of the person influences the morals, social attitude, beliefs and interest of the person. The personality is effected the social environment we choose to live or socialise in. growing a versatile personality is the key to thrive in life. Personality of a person develops throughout life based on the situations. Our behaviour is irrational and is affected by several factors such as change of context, belief, characteristics[2].

Environment serves you with multiple opportunities depending on how we excel socially. As it is said by Malcolm Gladwell “our first impressions are generated by our experiences and our environment”. It has both pros and cons. The social environment highly influences people’s growth and development. We have often experienced it once we change our environment we face different people with different social attitude and morals which changes our outlook on the environment. It allows us to see the life in different context, it allows to analysis ourselves, help us to grow, in finding our true potential and nurture.

Once we started dealing with discrete situations our personality changes accordingly. The same happened in the global pandemic, COVID-19. The world changed in a split second. Everything turned so uncertain. Personality is difficult to change it remains fairly static with time and context. The experiences help to cope with certain scarcity, pandemic like COVID-19 or from any threats to death. The global pandemic has created a nerve-racking environment for people. The stress of health, work from home, unemployment, lost of source of income, adapting e-learning and several other consequences of surviving through the pandemic. Due to this global pandemic, people are maintaining social distance, social patterns are distracted. It is severally affecting people’s most closest and stable relationships.

Added to this, the level of stress faced by people due to isolation from social environment, change in regular routines and stress about family’s well being is affecting the personality of the person. The effect of the pandemic will be engraved on the personality of people for long time. Human beings are born into this world ready to deal with basic problems- forming good relationships, maintaining positions in groups, searching mates. People are adaptable, though, and respond to the situations the find themselves in. COVID-19 and social distancing can affect people way of socializing with others and what they need in partners and relationships and their preferences for more conventional thinking over openness to new experiences.

Living during a period with a high risk of infection is likely to shape how people view themselves in relation to their community, their feelings and behaviours regarding relationship, their preferences toward conventional thinking and behaviours and their risk taking in general[3].



There are many situations and events that help in shaping one’s personality. The personality of an individual starts developing from his/her home. During the growing period of our life, that is as a child our social environment is home and school. The atmosphere inside home has a huge impact on one’s personality. The personality of a child in home is influenced by several factors such as parent’s behaviour, expectations from children, child’s education and care, etc. Similarly, school plays a vital environmental role in child’s personality. Teachers and peers personality are influential to a child in a school. The personality of an individual depends on both gene and the environment. Environment helps to form the personality after notion. As mentioned above, everything including what we perceive, learn, see, experiences shapes our personality.

The mental health of people may deteriorate due to several burden and stress. Health issues, risk of losing jobs, burden of home schooling, improper source of income, halted opportunities can be massive source of stress to people. People who struggle with anxiety, vulnerability, sadness should avoid situations or conflicts which are threatening.  A priority must be given to mental health also supporting each other irrespective of socio-economic status or other existing conditions. Moreover, several factors play a major role in framing one’s personality:

  • Keeping a positive mindset helps in maintaining healthy and peaceful lifestyle. Positive mindset reduces depression and anxiety. Beyond this busy and luxurious lifestyle, be thankful to little things. In other words, PRACTICE GRATITUDE AND OPTIMISM.
  • One basic step towards improved personality is inculcating confidence. Confidence helps in finding one’s true potential. This overall grows you as a person and makes you enlighten about yourself. Thus, BE CONFIDENT.
  • It is well said when life gives you lemons make lemonade. It means is quitting never an option. Life gives your challenges and it depends on us how we change our challenges into opportunities and grow. Never lose hope, keep on going and believe in yourself. So, NEVER QUIT. 
  • Life is not a fairy tale. Everyone has their own story. Some people achieve things in shorter period while others struggle but we must learn from our failures. Failures are the best teacher, the little achievements makes you grow, it inculcates confidence. You can only succeed only when you STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHER.
  • Perfection is a myth. Every person has some flaws. Accept the fact that nobody is born perfect, embrace your flaw. People will criticise but don’t allow people to stop you. Work on your flaws and remove them gradually. Accepting your flaws will allow you to develop and grow. Thus, DO NOT RUN AFTER PERFECTION.
  • Avoid distraction and enlist your priorities, focus on them. You must focus on the most crucial aspects of your life.  So, STAY FOCUSED.
  • Avoid situation that may cause anxiety or irritability. Focus on your priorities and enhance SELF-CONCEPT clarity.

The lockdown have changed our personality this is because one’s experience of pre-pandemic situation is completely different from the current scenario. But this span has given us the time to analyse our self. This hard period of lockdown has brought us the opportunity for personal growth. People in good relationships have chance to grow closer, strengthen their bonds and focus on their priorities.

The longer the COVID-19 threat persists, the more the changes may reflect not just transformation in monetary behaviours but transformation to more prevailing aspects of people’s personalities. Thus we can say that our environment can have a significant impact on one’s personality. By extending our social circle whether working area or other socializing area approaching the notions of one’s personality with skepticism allows you to understand yourself better.

[1] AACAP and David Pruitt, Your Child: Emotional, Behavioral and Cognitive Development, 1998.

[2] refer Kahneman and Tversky: Choices, Values and Frames, 1983

[3] refer Vivian Zayas,  how COVID-19 will reshape people’s personalities

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