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Self-prevention technique has to be adopted by every single soul on Earth. Currently, social distancing, contact tracing, sanitizing, cleanings etc are the only medicines to subdue from this virus and live a blissful life.

Milind Saraswat, 23 August, 2020, 12:50 PM IST

This catastrophic pandemic has shivered the life of millions of people, affecting every aspect of the human life. There is hardly any country which is left out from its influence. However, everyone is busy pointing out the cosmic damage, it is pivotal to highlight some unrecognized positive aspects of the pandemic. As the virus influenced the life of citizens and every working sector negatively, it also resulted in some pragmatic changes. Because of the global lockdown, the condition of our environment and mother Earth has improved up to a great extent. The recovery of ozone layer, the revival of many unseen species and of course the tremendous amount of pollution has dwindled.

Carbon and greenhouse gas emissions has plunged significantly. 50% reduction in nitrogen oxides emissions etc. Due to this spread various illegal poaching and deforestation has stopped which is a good sign for the environment. Even NASA satellite from outer space has shown a significant decrease in the air pollutants, which supports the Ecowatch observations that this pandemic has provided a silver lining of decreased air pollution. The threat of rapid increase in global warming has plunged drastically.

Also, not just the environment but the influence of virus has impended requisites in the technological sector. The process of digitalization has taken good pace in the developing as well as developed countries. Everyone is fascinated towards e – learning and growing. The concept of work from home is adopted in every organization, which somewhere develops the human mind and convert them into a better individual. Digital classrooms, virtual offices are the new needs of the society. Even the proceedings in courts are now online through e-filing and various other platforms. Undoubtedly this reform and adaptation of technological developments plays a very important role in the country’s development and growth. New software is developed for the regularization of daily work and functioning of the industrial as well as HR sector. Online exams, meetings, report submissions etc. Are the wide reaching. The work efficiency is gradually improved in some parts as now person can sit at their home and complete the allotted tasks and assignments. As we all know in forthcoming years technology will play a magnificent role in each and every individual’s life, this pandemic is helping the generation to pursue the best out of themselves.

The cosmic spread of this virus also made us realize the true essence of family members and the close ones. We all were so much occupied in living “the life” that we forgot to live the meaningful and genuine time with our loved ones. The life became so hopping due to which the free time for the family felt like dream, but due to this lockdown where everyone is confined to their houses resulted in the reunion of the families. It ensued the relationship between the loved ones to a great extent, however the medium is virtual but still it cheered the reconnection among friends, family and retrospect. Provided a chance to care about our loved ones and enjoy some leisure time.

Some economical requisites due to this rife were on the oil industry and criminal activities too. The prices of fuel diminished significantly. It ensued the cheap prices of fuel in the country plus the amount of air pollution due the exhaustive use of vehicles was now controlled and lessened the same. Also, the rate of criminal activities has dwindled. Delhi police has only reported 2000 cases including theft, robbery etc. Since March 15,2020. This shows a 40% drop in the crime rates in the country. With this the citizens finally experience a mental relief in this tumultuous time.  Not just Delhi but various other metropolitan cities and various other countries have experienced such mind-boggling drop.

Another positive aspect to look in is the hygiene. With the proclamation of the lockdown and involvement of gigantic process of sanitization and cleaning, country is experiencing a good hygiene and clean environment. This will ultimately destine to improve the overall health of individuals, will eliminate the chances of air Borne and various other contaminated diseases.  Due to this virus people developed a habit of regular cleaning and sanitizing the surroundings which plays a healthy role in everyone’s life. This involvement leads to various benefits such as vigorous life of individuals, a healthy environment, clean air etc. People have understood the real significance of maintaining the clean surroundings, cover the face while coughing, sanitizing the hands before touching anything and a lot more. We have travelled the time from handshakes to Namaste, for good. 

Even our networking and television sector has attended a substantial boost. As everyone is confined to their respective homes, the usage of telephones and TVs has amplified. The traffic on online platforms has accelerated, now that everyone is using popular channels like Netflix, Amazon prime video, hotstar etc the engagement on these sights have produced a good amount of profit to the owner. The situation has arisen that instead of theatres, movies are now released on Amazon prime and Netflix. This provides a larger recognition and higher profits for the online based companies.


Abhishek Tyagi

With context to India, a enormous contribution to the industrial sector will be perceived. Because of the blame game and speculations against China for the intentional spread of virus, many companies are contriving to shift their manufacturing units from China to India and other countries like Vietnam, Thailand etc. Billion-dollar companies like apple, Microsoft are now planning to shift to India. This will act as a major investment into revival of Indian economy and wealth. Lately we have observed that relations among USA and India has improved in terms of trading and in providing necessary needs, this will definitely act a positive point when the shifting will be accomplished.  Moreover, another point of attraction for international business is cheap labour and easy availability of resources. Plus, Indian government provides agreeable tax benefits for the outside industries.

Due to this disastrous virus, Indian government has now started focusing more on local population. This pandemic sought to prove a boon for localism. As earlier the local class was not provided with the accurate services and incentives because of undue reasons, now they are majorly looked up on. Various budgets and schemes are contrived in order to provide free food facilities, stay, and incentives for daily life for the needy class. The development of rural class has started. Farmers are allocated with needful grains and other necessary commodities in order to run smooth cultivation and farming. Definitely in the epoch of post pandemic the locals will be benefited a lot and a better life, which ultimately leads to enriched India.

Definitely this aeon of time will never be forgotten and has created an unforgettable acquaintance in every individual’s mind which is super difficult to forget. The world has come to a screeching halt. Due to this disastrous virus the lives of innocents were wiped away. No age group was left out from its influence, the pathetic conditions wherein some patients were fortunate enough to survive and other dreadfully died. This year of dark recession has taught us a fair amount of teachings in all prospective. It made us realize nothing is permanent in this world and the value of money is nothing in front of value of life.

However, worshipping for our loved ones who lost their lives, we should see the pragmatic side of the situation. Because a due care and positivity is only solution to combat this rife virus. This has actually given a new life to all the individuals. A chance for development of harmonious relationships with each other, explore the ecstasy of ideas everyone holds within themselves and much more. Also, it helped in personal development and easy adaptation of the upcoming digitalization and advancements. The importance of our families, friends, close ones was finally revived. The environment has become greener, wildlife is rejuvenating, the pollution has dwindled and the list goes on. 

Eventually, maybe we never overcome with cosmic or it becomes a part of our daily life we need to figure out solutions to protect ourselves. Self-prevention technique has to be adopted by every single soul on Earth. Currently, social distancing, contact tracing, sanitizing, cleanings etc are the only medicines to subdue from this virus and live a blissful life. World-wide doctors are still in the process of discovering the antivirus for corona virus, until then we need to act as self-doctors and protect ourselves from this pandemic. Although the exact amount of impact on the global economy is very difficult to allocate but definitely it will be pervasive.

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