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Know all About the UPMRC Organization

Introduction: UPMRC Organization

Public transportation in India has a huge potential to create jobs and opportunities. Hence, several government bodies try to set up an infrastructure that boosts the nation’s public transport facility. One among them is the metro rail project which facilitates community transport in major Indian cities. You may have heard about the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation). Likewise, the UP government also set up a body in 2013 called UPMRC (Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation).

To get a job in this corporation as a station controller, candidates need to meet the UPMRC Station Controller Eligibility Criteria. If you do not know more about this corporation, this post highlights a few important facts for you to know. Keep reading the post

Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation: In A Nutshell

1.      20,000 tonnes of steel used in the Lucknow Metro

You will be surprised to know that one of the famous PSU SAIL (Steel Authority of India) supplied 20,000 tonnes of steel for the Lucknow Metro project. Remember, this figure is for the priority stretch of the Lucknow Project for the North-South corridor. And this steel supply was done for the steel plates, bars, and other things. These steel materials are good enough to hold the capacity and bear the weight of heavy transports.

That is why the UP metro is successfully running in Lucknow. It fostered the public transportation system in the city. This model will be used in different UP cities like Prayagraj, Meerut, Agra (now under construction) and other cities too. So, we expect that the public transport model will successfully get good results.

2.      The project was set up under the Companies Act, 1956

The UP state government set up the metro rail corporation body under the Companies Act, 1956. On 25 November 2013, it happened as it was a special purpose vehicle (SPV) that will run across the state. The main motto of this project is to make public transport convenient for the state public. Besides, on 24 December 2013, the corporation body issued the commencement of business certificate.

The UP state government (GoUP) and the Government of India (GoI) are both in partnership in this venture. As far as the authorized capital is concerned of this body, its official figure is 2000 INR Crore. Even Lucknow and Kanpur metro rail networks are a few among the prominent metro rail networks that enhanced the nation’s global image in terms of public transportation.

3.      Fastest project done of the Kanpur Metro

What if we say that within 24 months, one metro rail project has been completed? But yes, it is true because the Kanpur metro is the fastest metro project built within the least time. It stretches along a 32-kilometre stretch and approx. 8-kilometre construction has been completed. Recently, it has been inaugurated too which is between IIT Kanpur to Motijheel. The project’s estimated cost is over INR 11,000 crore.

The main objective to introduce this project is to reduce the traffic congestion in the city. According to the Detailed Project Report (DPR), the government has approved two corridors of the project. The first section of this metro rail project is operational for the public to commute. In this project, there is a station controller job as well with a good UPMRC Station Controller Salary.

Final Words

Uttar Pradesh is a big Indian state where public transport has been a serious issue for all of its local people. That is why the government has introduced several plans like UPMRC development to foster public transport. Ultimately, it will boost the economy.


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