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KIIT School of Law Bhubaneswar: College Review

KIIT School of Law

Swastika Sengupta a 4th-year student of the college, has written this first-hand review of the KIIT School of Law


I am a 4th-year student at a prestigious and eminent private law university in India. According to the 2020 NIRF rankings, our college holds the 11th position. KIIT School of Law, Bhubaneswar is a reputable law university offering Ba-llb, Bba-llb and Bsc-llb courses for a term of 5 years. The papers available for honours are diverse and wholesome, ranging from Business Law to Intellectual Property Law, International Law, Tax honours and a few more.


The infrastructure of our college is pretty intriguing and as we call it ‘Upmarket’ with centrally air-conditioned classrooms, 4 seminar halls equipped with benefits for paper presenting and conducting seminars, 2 big Lecture Halls, 3 floors of a massive and beautifully vast library fitted with the best law books and journals at the student’s disposal.

The campus also includes two hostels for residential students, namely the Boys and the Girls hostel respectively which allows students to pick either of the two options of living in an Air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned room.

The hostels have separate washrooms on every floor with fitted coolers and showers and a personal induction cooker. There is a reading room at the disposal of students for studying and moot discussions. The mess in both the hostels has a capacity of hosting a minimum of above 100 residents at a time, giving them 3 courses of meals every single day.  The overall atmosphere inside the campus is green and healthy, with plants all over to give it a very breezy and happy look.

Fee Structure at KIIT School of Law

The next area that I would like to talk about is the Fee Structure of the University. I am the 2017-2022 admitted batch and I pay a rough estimate of 2,13,000 a semester and in total more than 21 lakhs in 5 years inclusive of the hostel and mess fee along with my tuition fees. Change in Fee can be checked by calling the college once.

The cost of attending this college is quite high, and I think it’s important to note that for students from upper-middle-class families, it may not be a financially wise investment. The study materials and bare acts provided are basic and are only adequate to meet the needs of students preparing for their exams. There is no extraordinary value in these materials.


The faculty that I have been taught by in the last 4 years is average to good. Very few faculties present in the college with their top-notch degrees adhere to the needs and expectations of the students.

The quality of classroom teaching varies completely from teacher to teacher basis and cannot be put into one particular frame. On an average of 10, the quality of studying that actually goes on in the closed doors of the air-conditioned and well-lit rooms are 5.

However, I  would like to take a moment and also recognise the fact that our college also has the good fortune to have some really commendable and amazing teachers who personally make it a goal to hold out to every single student and also make sure that every thought is reachable to the other end of the table with a strong and clear thread.

Internship and the placement cell

The internship and the placement cell of our college in the initial days of my admission had laid down several hopes and aspirations in the mind of my first-year student head, but with the time that flew as fast as it could and now I am in my 4th year of law school can vouch for the fact that I have not bagged a single internship in the past years from this particular wing of my college.

As a matter of fact, I have been a witness to 3 passing-out batches wrenching themselves in hope of getting more decent companies and firms to at least come and address these passing-out batches. As I now have one year left of my college life I do not place any mystical hopes in my college to provide me with any due opportunity as it had promised in the initial days of my college life. I see my seniors in a deep puddle of stress and anxiety about placements. As months pass, it also stresses me out every single time. The quality of every student is not the same and I completely agree, but as students of the college, it is necessary to at least be provided with the opportunity to test our capabilities.

Extracurricular activities

We have several clubs that work to horn our personal skills and also give us a platform to showcase our talents. I am a part of the debating society called Tarka Samuha and it has been steadily active over the past couple of years. Our college is also quite famous in the mooting circuit of the country, having won quite a few prestigious competitions including the BCCI. The NSS wing is also quite active and strives to bring about a positive change in society and help the needy in every way possible.

The grievance redressal cell of our college is somewhere I haven’t personally visited but as the saying goes, you hear what goes around in the air, and it is not very satisfactory either. Our college has a very strict DC Committee, chaired by some very well-read and fair professors but they often come out as biased towards their own kind which in my opinion dissolves the whole essence of having such a forum for the redressal of the students in the first place. I have myself had a couple of unfortunate events with some professors where I thought that I failed to behold even an iota of respect and that my personal dignity was sacrificed yet it was not very modern as to how those problems were addressed and quietly drowned.

Senior-junior relation

I would like to bring to a positive and bright light that the senior-junior relationship during my time in the college has been pretty fascinating and warm.

I have had the opportunity to come across one of the finest minds in the university and they have always helped me in every possible manner sometimes even coming out of their way to do so.

Seniors have educated me better than the total sum of hours I have spent in my classrooms and it was always a great experience. The best time to get along with your seniors and juniors is during the time of fest and events all throughout the year, in my personal opinion it is indeed the best time to be in college.

To end my article with, the pros and cons don’t outweigh the other. KIIT School of Law is a university handing you opportunities only if you are able to make the best of them and at the end of the day that is what “adulting” is all about.


I would like to give my university a 7/10 in all of its glory. I hope I have a better outlook by the end of my time in college, even if it is a downward-sloping graph, I wouldn’t trade it ever.

Hope it helped.

Thank You

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