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Voter ID is also known as Electors Photo Identity Card which is issued by the Election Commission of India to all Indian citizens who are eligible to vote. One should have their Voter ID issued because it serves as an identity proof of the voters, and prevents from fraud during the democratic elections.

Before applying for the Voter ID, applicant has to keep in mind the eligibility criteria for the same-

  1. Applicant must be of minimum 18 years, which is considered as the legal age.
  2. The applicant must be of sound mind and must be free from all the criminal charges.
  3. Their application will be accepted only if they attach all the necessary documents mentioned below.
  4. If applicant is applying for Voter ID through online means then he must apply from the National official portal only.
  5. The applicants must ensure that the details provided by them are legally correct in all aspects.
  6. If the applicant receives the Voter ID, he/she must re-verify their Voter ID to see if the information is correct or not.

Every citizen of India must know that how to get the Voter ID card either through online mode or offline mode. In this article we are going to discuss the procedure of the same:


  1. The person who is applying for Voter ID card must visit the national voter’s service portal (NSVP) website at
  2. Click on the relevant option to register for new voter ID.
  3. You will find Form 6 where you will have to submit all the relevant details along with your photo and supporting documents.
  4. After the verification of all documents submitted by the applicant, the Voter ID will be issued.

For suppose if you face any difficulty in submitting the form online, you can opt the other way out which is mentioned below:

  1. The download option to download Form 6 is available on the National service portal mentioned above. 
  2. Fill the relevant details with a photo of yours and attach the required details and submit the form in the near Election office of your city/town.


  1. The applicant has to visit the nearest Election office and collect Form 6 from that office.
  2. Fill the required details in Form 6 and attach the supporting documents and submit the duly filled form in the respective election office.
  3. After the submitted documents are verified, the Voter ID will be issued to the corresponding person.

Below is the list of important documents which the applicant has to attach with Form 6:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of address
  • Photograph

Every citizen of India must issue their Voter ID cards because it not only helps them in casting vote but also acts as their identity proof.

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