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How to enroll as an Advocate after LLB or BA.LLB.?

How to enroll as an advocate


Niharika Raghuwanshi

An advocate is a person who is a master in law and who defends his clients in the court with the help of certain evidence, he is a well-qualified individual who knows how to support, defend, and speak for somebody in legal matters. 

Anyone who is authorized by the bar council of India with a certificate to practice anywhere in the country or say is enrolled with BCI after completion of all the necessary requirements 

Procedure for Enrollment

Educational qualifications needed:

  • He should have completed the degree of legume baccalaureus(LLB)
  • One can opt for either 5 years integrated course after the completion of a high school or 3years LLB degree after completion of a graduation course in any of the subjects.

Enrollment as an advocate with state bar council:

  • State bar councils were established in India under Section 3 of Advocates act, 1961. They act as a superior body for the legal profession in that particular state.
  • After the commencement of the LLB degree, one can apply for the registration by giving an application before any of the state bar council.
  • Evaluation of the application and the documents provided is done by the committee set up for enrollment purposes.
  • The enrollment committee will decide whether to approve the application or to reject it and shall state the reasons in case of rejection.
  • If any person is rejected from one of the states from enrollment then he cannot apply in any other state for registering himself for practice.
  • The form should be submitted in any one of the state bar council’s present in India, a person cannot apply in more than one state.
  • In the case of foreign nationals, enrollment can be done only on the basis of the criteria mentioned in section 24 of this act.
  • After the procedure of enrollment is done then he has to go through an Examination process conducted by the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) .

All India Bar Examination (AIBE):

  • This Exam was made necessary after 2015-16 in India for judging the actual knowledge one has about the subject.
  • The chance of appearing in this exam is given twice to the individuals in a year.
  • There is no age limit set for the candidates to appear.

Certificate of practice:

  • This is the certificate issued by the bar council of India to every person who cleared the exam.
  • This is the proof of knowledge and the ability to understand the legal matters and then represent them in the court on behalf of the clients.
  • Anyone practicing without this certificate will be punished by the law as this act will be treated as an act of misconduct, punishment for which can lead to the suspension, reprimand, removal of the name of the advocate from the state roll of advocates, etc.


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