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Campus Ambassador Program Social Laws Today- Paid

Campus Ambassador Program Social Laws Today- Paid

Are you a dedicated law student ready to make a difference? Embrace the opportunity to be a Social Laws Today Campus Ambassador. You’ll bridge the gap between our platform and your institution, bringing exciting events, scholarships, and achievements to the forefront. In the 2nd Edition of our Campus Ambassador program, we warmly invite motivated law students to be part of this exciting and momentous journey.


  • Monetary rewards for the best 5 in this program.
  • Free Access to our Exclusive Webinars
  • Certificate and LOR
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Free Publication of Articles along with your peer’s article referred by you.
  • Special Discounts for Competitions and Courses by Social Laws Today & Its Partners
  • Exclusive Opportunities such as Internships
  • May get a chance for Special In-Person Meetings with Legal Professionals
  • Exclusive newsletter on blog writing, SEO and other skills.
  • You can designate yourself as Campus Ambassador Social Laws Today on your Social Profiles.


  • 6 months. (It can be extended, depending on performance)


Roles & Responsibilities of Social Laws Today Campus Ambassador Program:

  1. Representative Role: Campus ambassadors for Social Laws Today will serve as the official representatives of the platform within their respective institutions.
  2. Activity Updates: They will be responsible for regularly updating Social Laws Today about various activities taking place within and around their institution. This includes events, scholarships, and notable student achievements. These updates will be compiled and published on the Social Laws Today website, subject to adherence to the Social Laws Today Editorial Policy.
  3. Content Collection: Campus ambassadors will collect articles, write-ups, and other relevant content on legal topics from fellow students on campus. This content will be curated for potential publication on the Social Laws Today website.
  4. Promotion and Awareness: Campus ambassadors will play a crucial role in introducing the Social Laws Today website, Opportunities and Courses to their fellow students. They will engage in promotional activities to create awareness about the platform’s offerings and advantages.
  5. Active Participation: Campus ambassadors are expected to actively engage in and contribute to assigned activities, campaigns, and initiatives. They should also ensure the timely completion of tasks and meet any established deadline.

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Note: Preference will be given to 1st to 3rd year of law students

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