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Ohm’s Law is an electrical term and relation widely used in designing of electronic appliances. The ohm law was introduced by German physicist George Simon Ohm and hence the law is named on it. 

The basic law is a relationship between current, voltage and resistance used in designing household appliances like heaters. Not at small level the ohm law is used in high tension wire and big projects in rocket and spaceship designing. For engineers to work on big projects, the ohm’s law calculator helps in making their calculation easier. 

Ohm’s Law

The three key parameters of ohm law are current, voltage and resistance. Before moving to law lets understand these basic terms

  1. Current 

An electric current is the flow of electrons or ions moving through electrical conductors or space. It is net flow of electric charge through a surface

  1. Voltage 

Voltage is the potential difference between two points. If potential differences exist only then current can flow. 

  1. Resistance 

It is defined as the amount of resistance to the flow of electricity. 

The Law

The law states that the current flowing through a resistor is directly proportional to voltage applied across the resistor keeping the temperature constant. More the voltage applied, the more will be the current flow. The constant of proportionality is written as R and relation mathematically is written as 


Where V is voltage applied and I is the current flowing and R is the resistance and constant of proportionality. 

Applications of Ohm’s Law

  1. Domestic Fans

The speed of the fan is controlled by the regulator by to and fro motion. The current is controlled by the regulator and the regulator is a  resistance for controlling the current flow. Low current slows the speed. On the output terminal a circular knob is attached which can be rotated to achieve variable resistance. The power flow ,current and resistance can be found by using ohm’s law for any input. ohms law calculator calculates the parameters in a single click. 

  1. Electric Heaters

The electric heater is used in winters throughout the world. Thanks to ohm law for its use in electric heaters. The heaters have metal coils with very high resistance that allow a certain amount of current. The current is then converted to heat required. The power supplied to the heater can also be calculated using the ohms law calculator. 

  1. Electric Iron and kettles

Any heating items have lots of resistance such as electric kettle and irons. The resistor is fit in the appliance to control the flow of current and hence control the heat amount needed. The size of the resistor is determined by using ohm’s law. Online you can use voltage current resistance calculator tool to find the size of resistance

  1. In Electronic device designing 

Devices such as laptop and mobile phones need a DC power to operate at specific current. Electronic devices need a certain amount of current and voltage to operate. A specific amount of voltage the ohm law tells the resistance of circuit to achieve a particular current. 

Nowadays mathematical tools are available such as an ohms law calculator to find resistance, current , power ,voltage etc given the two quantities. 


Ohm law is very useful in designing electronics such as electric iron, kettle ,heater. It is a linear relation and direct one , a change in one quantity directly affects the change in other quantity keeping the third one constant. But the limitation of such a law is it is not useful for non-linear devices. Devices which include diodes , BJTs etc do not obey ohm’s law. 

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