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A Call for Change: Reforming Criminal Law

This article, “ A Call for Change: Reforming Criminal Law” is written by Urvashi Lanjhewar a 4th year Law student at Sage University, Indore Introduction: Criminal law stands.

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Centre-State Financial Relations in India: An Overview

Aditya Shaw, a 2nd -Year Student of Heritage Law College, has written this Article on “Centre-State Financial Relations in India: An Overview” INTRODUCTION: In.

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Collegium System in India- Know about it

Tanu Saini, a 4th Year Law Student at the Institute of Law Kurukshetra University has written this article. It explains all about the.

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PASSIVE EUTHANASIA Dhana Eshwar, 11:30 PM IST INTRODUCTION In India Euthanasia is least discussed topic in general public even in law Society. After.

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