International Law

Extradition under International Law

Sanchit Gupta, a 3rd-Year student, from Chandigarh University, has written this Article ”Extradition under International Law” Introduction Extradition under International Law is an important aspect..

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Banking Law

A Summary of Section 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act , 1881

Riya Upadhyay, a 5th-Year student, from Kaji Najrul University, has written this Article ”A Summary of Section 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act , 1881” Introduction.

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Evidence Act

The Significance of Character Relevance in Indian Evidence Law.

Sakkera Rahul, a 3rd – year law student from Dr Ambedkar Global Law Institute tirupati has written this article on “The Significance of Character Relevance in Indian.

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Criminal Conspiracy under Indian Penal Code

H. Aishwarya, a 3rd-year B.A.LL.B.(Hons.) student from PES University, Bengaluru has written this Article on “Criminal Conspiracy under Indian Penal Code”. Introduction Conspiracy refers to.

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General Defences under the Law of Torts

Radha Nandi, a first-year law student from Sarsuna Law College has written this Article “General Defences the under Law of Torts” Introduction General defences under.

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Absolute Liability in Tort Law: Balancing Accountability and Fairness.

Maanya Gupta, a 1st Year student from the University of Warwick has written this Article on “Absolute Liability in Tort Law: Balancing Accountability.

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Know The Law

Difference between Bailable and Non-Bailable Offences

Rudrakshi Sharma, a second year student from Symbiosis Law School, Noida has written this Article on”Difference between Bailable and Non-Bailable Offences”. Introduction The.

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Case Comment Contract Act Excluded Law School Assignment

Ghaziabad Development Authority Vs Union of India- Case Analysis

Introduction – Ghaziabad Development Authority  Vs Union of India & Anr. AIR 2000 SC 2003 Ghaziabad Development Authority Vs. Union of India case.

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Indian Democracy Society

Blind Faith and Black Magic- Analysis

Manish kumar, a 5th-year Law Student at Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar has written this Article “Blind faith and Black Magic“ INTRODUCTION – Blind faith and Black Magic Blind.

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Case Comment Constitutional Law Indian Democracy Law School Assignment

Zakia Ahsan Jafri v State Of Gujarat: Case Analysis

This Case Analysis on Zakia Ahsan Jafri Case is written by Veerpal Kaur, a 5th-year BA.LLB student at School of Law, LPU. ABSTRACT On.

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