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Online Copyright Registration: Procedure

Online Registration for Copyright

Online Copyright Registration : By Arathi S Nath

Are you an author? Are you a music composer? Does your artistic or literary or any such work need to be protected from others? Then, secure the credits and the authenticity of your work by Online Copyright Registration.

Copyright protects the creator of the work from unauthorized copying, taking another’s creation without paying for it etc.. However it is not compulsory for one to register for copyright to get the protection under the Copyright Act 1957.

The object of copyright law is to encourage authors, composers, and artists to create original works by rewarding them with the exclusive right to reproduce the work for the benefit of the public, but it is to be noted that this right is only for a limited period.

Chapter X of the act containing sections 44 to 50A deal with various aspects of registration of copyright.

In India, Copyright subsists only in certain works:

• Literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work.
• Cinematograph film
• A sound Recording

Steps for Online Registration for Copyright

1.Enter your valid User ID and Password to login (link for the same is given at last)
2.Click onto New User Registration, if you have not yet registered.
3.Note down User ID and Password for future use.
4.After login, click on to link “Click for online Copyright Registration”.
5.The online “Copyright Registration Form” is to be filled up in four steps -:
  • I. Complete the Form XIV(the form is given below), then press SAVE button to Save entered details, and press Step 2 to move to Next Step.
  • II. Signature to be scanned in 512 KB and kept ready for uploading.
  • III. Fill up the Statement of Particulars, and then press SAVE button to Save entered details, and press Step 3/4 to move to Next step
  • IV. Fill up the Statement of Further Particulars. This form is applicable for “LITERARY/ DRAMATIC, MUSICAL AND ARTISTIC” works, and then press SAVE button to Save entered details, and press Step 4 to move to Next Step.

When done, make the payment through Internet Payment gateway.

6. After successful submission of the form, Diary Number will be generated (Please note it for future reference).
7. Artistic Work to be uploaded in pdf/jpg/png format or Literary/Dramatic Work to be uploaded in pdf format, less than 5 MB, keep ready.
8. Please take 1 hard copy (print) of “Acknowledgement Slip” and 1 hard copy (print) of “Copyright Registration Form”, and send it by post to the below-mentioned address -:

Copyright Division Department For Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade Ministry of Commerce and Industry Boudhik Sampada Bhawan,Plot No. 32, Sector 14, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078 Email Address: copyright[at]nic[dot]in, Telephone No.: 011-28032496

The format of the Form.


Application for Registration of Copyright [See rule 70]


The Registrar of Copyrights,
Copyright Office,
Boudhik Sampada Bhawan, Plot No. 32,
Sector 14, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078
Phone: 011-28032496


In accordance with section 45 of the Copyright Act, 1957 (14 of 1957), I hereby apply for registration of copyright and request that entries may be made in the Register of Copyrights as in the enclosed statement of Particulars’ sent herewith.

  1. I also send herewith duly completed the statement of further particulars relating to the work.
  2. In accordance with rule 70 of the Copyright Rules, 2012, I have sent by pre-paid registered post copies of this letter and of the enclosed statement(s) to the other parties concerned, as shown below:
Names and addresses of the partiesDate of Dispatch
  1. The prescribed fee has been paid, as per details below:
  2. Communications on this subject may be addressed to:
  3. I hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, no person, other than to whom a notice has been sent as per paragraph 2 above has any claim or interest or dispute to my copyright of this work or to its use by me.
  4. I hereby verify that the particulars are given in this Form and the Statement of Particulars and Statement of Further Particulars are true to the best of my knowledge, belief and information and nothing has been concealed therefrom.
  5. List of enclosures:

Yours faithfully

(Signature of the Applicant)

Place: ………………….

Date: ……………………

Few things to keep in mind while applying for Online Copyright Registration

• Separate forms has to be filed for each works.
• Go through the general instructions given in the application form.
• 2 copies of the work must be readily kept.
• File of the Signature in the specified size is to be kept ready before applying.
• Each application should be accompanied with the prescribed fees.

For more details regarding the list of documents to be attached, click here

For Online Copyright Registration, click here.

Get your works copyrighted and enjoy the perks from publishing or reproducing your works!


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