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Apply for an Online Internship at Social Laws Today

internship opportunity at social laws today

Online Paid Internship Opportunity at Social Laws Today

An online Internship Opportunity for Law students at Social Laws Today.

Nature of internship

  • Interns are required to write articles on the assigned topic by doing proper Legal research.
  • Make short articles or notes on contemporary legal issues.
  • Work as editors with our team members.

Mostly, the topics will be assigned in consonance with what the student is reading in his college. i.e if you are a second-year student and studying Law of Torts, you will be asked to write articles on that topic only. Or the student can request his own subject of interest.

Based on the work, some interns would be given the chance to coordinate and manage other interns. This may promote you to be a permanent part of our team.

Guidance and feedback will be provided by the Content head at social laws Today

The interns are expected to work from home. They will be allotted one topic at a time on which they are supposed to conduct research and write an article.

Interns will submit the article in a specified time frame. After submission, interns will be provided with a review and their next topic.

Proper guidance will be given to ensure that each intern gets at least 10 articles published during the 2 months of the internship.

Credit will be given to the interns for their articles on the platform.


  • Stipend – Top Thee(3) Interns Every Month will be given a Cash Prize
    • 1 Best Intern will be given 1500 per month
    • The other 2 interns will be given Rs. 1000 per month each
    • The remaining 2 Interns will be given 1000 per month each

The stipend of the best interns may increase based on work.

Other Benefits

  • Participate in our monthly blog competition and win up to 5k
  • Internship Certificate.
  • Publication Certificate.
  • Credits for published articles.
  • Recommendation letter for other internship
  • Opportunity to get an Internship under our various media partners
  • Top Interns will be added to an official wall of fame.
  • The top 2 authors will get a chance to be a part of Social Laws Today’s team.
  • Your Articles will be indexed on google and other search engines and read by thousands of readers across the globe.


The internship opportunity at Social Laws Today will be for a period of  2 months.

Your preferred months should be mentioned in the application.

Who can apply?

The applicants must be currently in any year of study of a three-year LL.B. course or a five-year B.A. LL.B, BBA LLB or related course.

Application procedure

For Registration, fill out the Google form– Click here

You can directly send resumes to The subject of the email should be “Internship Application for 2 Months i.e June-July 2023

The response to your application will be provided within two weeks.

Please mention the preferred months of the Internship

Contact Information


Email: /

About the Organisation

We are a global legal blog with more than 1.5 lakh website readers per month both Nationally and Internationally.

SOCIAL LAWS TODAY is an idea of integrating tremendous knowledge and information amongst the entire legal fraternity across the globe.

Our mission is to provide a platform that can assist people to connect with Law and provide a basic conceptualization of various imperative laws, irrespective of any particular profession.

We have prominent advocates and academicians on our editorial and advisory board throughout the world.

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