Monthly Competition

Monthly Article Writing Competition

Introduction to Competition SocialLawsToday is delighted to announce a Monthly Article writing competition. Send your Law college assignments or write-ups in this google.

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Factors That Will Affect Your Personal Injury Settlement

The article “Factors That Will Affect Your Personal Injury Settlement” is written by Naphtal Introduction The law stipulates that anyone involved in a.

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Know The Law

Legal Writing Tool That Every Law Student Should Know

Introduction: Legal Writing Tool Writing is essential for law students, as it is necessary to communicate legal arguments, analyze cases, and present research.

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Legal Jungle

What is Workers Compensation Law

Author: The article on “Workers Compensation Law” is a guest post written by Naphtal. Introduction Employees are a critical part of every business..

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Indian Democracy

How much a lawyer earns?

Introduction When considering a career in law, one of the main questions is usually: “How much a lawyer earns?” The answer can vary.

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Conservatism vs Liberalism: Difference

Introduction In the current political landscape of the United States, it seems like the two major parties – Republicans and Democrats – are.

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Family law

Divorce Lawyers: Should I Hire or Not

The article “The Biggest Myths About Divorce Lawyers You Need to Stop Believing” is a Guest Post written by Jef, He is working with.

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Hierarchy of Courts in USA, UK and India

Introduction This Article “Hierarchy of Courts in the USA, UK and India” explains in detail the Global(American & English) and Indian Legal Systems.

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Indian Democracy Legal Jungle

Indian Passport- All about it

The Article, “Indian Passport- All about it” is submitted by Tshewang Dema, a student of BA.LLB(Hons.) at Lovely Professional University. INTRODUCTION An official.

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