Free consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer : Know all about it

On average, there are over 11,000 personal injury accidents every hour.

Personal injury is an element of civil law. Also known as tort law. It allows you to file a civil suit and claim compensation for damages i.e. wage loss and medical expenses.

What is Personal Injury

Road Accidents, slip and fall, medical negligence and emotional distress.

 Personal Injury  covers all of these

1) What to look for:

Many personal injury lawyers offer free consultations.  Find one Online or meet Offline.

2) What to Expect

The Personal Injury lawyer will listen to your story and ask questions about the details of the accident.

3) What to provide to your lawyer

Provide as much detail about the incident and its aftermath as possible.  i.e. Medical bills, Insurance information, Witness statements, Photographs, etc..

4) What You Should Ask

Ask as many questions as possible. Lawyer’s experience, their success rate in similar cases, your chances of receiving a settlement, time and fees.

5) Discuss What Your Next Steps Should Be

Once the initial consultation has concluded, attorney will explain next steps.  i.e., filing paperwork, gathering evidence, or conducting further research.

Keep in mind that the consultation is not legally binding.

So, make sure you take full advantage of this valuable service!

So you have no obligation to hire a lawyer afterwards